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CHAR 18/24 Official: Treasury: coal industry: communications and papers.

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CHAR 18/24/4

Notes of a conference between the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, and representatives of the Miners' Federation. Subjects and issues discussed include: the constitution of a Court of Enquiry/Commission; the Miners' Federation's wish that the miners and the mine owners should be represented; the likelihood of the Commission producing a minority report otherwise; Stanley Baldwin's view that a small Commission, supplemented by technical assessors, would be preferable and would avoid "the two contending parties [Miners' Federation and Mining Association]... appearing as...judges of their own case"; and the ceasing of unemployment pay for miners working in a set of collieries which have not been working. Typesript transcribed from the shorthand notes of the Treasury reporters.

1 pamphlet (26 pages)
14 Aug 1925