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CHAR 18/12A-B Official: Treasury: WSC's minutes.

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CHAR 18/12A/96-99

Minute from WSC to Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance] marked "private and confidential" querying statements made by Niemeyer about the gap between Britain and the United States, bank rates and the 1.25 million unemployed, remarking "while that unemployment exists, no one is entitled to plume himself on the financial or credit policy which we have pursued".

Carbon typescript.

4 folios
22 Feb 1925
CHAR 18/12B/162

Copy of a minute from WSC to James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] informing him that he will not circulate the "gold papers" [about the return to the Gold Standard] to the Cabinet and will explain them verbally, because of information obtained by the press about the contributory insurance policy.

Carbon typescript. Unsigned.

1 folio
23 Apr 1925
CHAR 18/12A/8

Copy of a memorandum from WSC to Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance, Treasury] asking him about the impact of the return to the Gold Standard on the United States "Shall we not be relieving them from the consequences of their selfish and extortionate policy?" and suggesting that [Ralph] Hawtrey [Director of Financial Enquiries, Treasury] should draft a paper about the subject.

Carbon typescript. Unsigned.

1 folio
02 Jan 1925