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CHAR 18/100 Official: Treasury: various papers from the 1929-1930 Budget file.

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CHAR 18/100/89-98

Report on Total Nominal Dead Weight Debt, with a covering note from Sir Richard Hopkins [Controller of Finance and Supply Services] to James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer]. The introduction explains the fall of nominal dead weight debt by £107 millions since Mar 1925 and that the period has also seen the conversion of short term bonds into long term debt, and that the proportion of external debt and treasury bills and savings certificates have also fallen. Subjects covered include: payments of debts and conversion operations, sinking fund operations, interest charges. The report concludes with figures for revalued national debt.

Typescript signed with initials. Illustrated with tables.

10 folios
18 Mar 1929
CHAR 18/100/137-138

Memorandum from Frederick Leith-Ross [Deputy Controller of Finance] to Sir Richard Hopkins [Controller of Finance and Supply Services] and Donald Fergusson [Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] on government expenditure, countering criticism by [David] Lloyd George by explaining government development and expenditure on housing, roads, telephones etc, and guarantees under the Trade Facilities Act and Colonial Development schemes equating to over £300 million expenditure, concluding that the government has "pursued these programmes to the fullest extent that was economically justified".

Typescript signed with initials. Annotated by WSC in red ink "How are these proud boasts to be reconciled with the purity of our principles? According to the Ty [Treasury] memo, all this has been brutally withdrawn from industry &enterprise.")

2 folios
29-31 Mar 1929
CHAR 18/100/177-179

Draft report on improvements to the well-being of the working classes, discussing wages, reduction in the cost of living including tables of figures, arguing that real wages have risen since 1924.

Carbon typescript with manuscript annotations and amendments.

3 folios
CHAR 18/100/186-187

Handwritten note from ?FG to James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] enclosing typewritten figures on indirect taxes and percentages of total tax revenue from 1913/14- proposed figures for 1929/30 with a note on the figures for sugar, tea, cocoa, coffee and matches.

Annotated [by WSC] "Keep."

13 Apr [1929]