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CHAR 11/35 Official: Board of Trade: Labour Exchanges: notes and printed papers.

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CHAR 11/35/3

Report begins with a minute by WSC, President of the Board of Trade, in response to the committee's report instructing that the report should be recast with the objectives of introducing the organisation of Labour Exchanges in the autumn/winter of 1909, and adopting Scheme B with regard to the building of Labour Exchanges. Scheme B would entail building 10 First Class Labour Exchanges and 12 Waiting Rooms to spread the cost of proposed new buildings.

The report includes details of: the establishment of the system and exchanges to be built; forecasts of the costs from 1909-1910 until 1919-1920; amendments to the building plans for labour exhanges with provision for future expansion. The appendix to the report includes details of expenditure.

1 pamphlet ([2] 3-11 [1])
19 Apr 1909