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CHAR 10/27 Official: Colonial Office: correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 10/27/66-69

Copy of a letter from WSC (In camp near Mrali, Victoria Nile, Uganda [Africa]) to [King Edward VII] about his visit to Africa and impressions of the country. WSC expresses admiration for "these noble and spacious posessions" recently added to the Dominions, especially the East African Protectorate and Kenya; describes Mount Kenya and Uganda; notes the "evil effects" of the climate on Europeans and the danger of diseases especially sleeping sickness caused by the tsetse fly; praises the Governor of Uganda, Hesketh Bell, in dealing with sleeping sickness; notes discontent among white settlers and that he has made recommendations to [9th] Lord Elgin [and Kincardine, Secretary of State for the Colonies]; discusses the benefits of a possible extension to the Ugandan railway; reports that he has shot a rhinoceros and other game; praises Gordon Wilson; and describes a visit to French manouvres as a guest of General de Lacroix. Manuscript copy in the hand of Edward Marsh [Private Secretary to WSC].

4 folios
27 Nov 1911