Worked Example

I’m an undergraduate student interested in researching women’s history but I’m not sure whether the Churchill Archive will have anything relevant to my subject. I try exploring by ‘Topic’ but I can’t find a specific topic related to women, so I type women in the search box. I’m pleased to see the selection of results that come up:

I then click on several of the links on the screen. I notice that the date range of the links that come up is very long and many of the descriptions of documents aren’t really relevant to me as I’m only interested in the impact of women’s war work on their emancipation and participation in public life. I click on the advanced search and add a date range of 1914 to 1945, but as I find I still have 229 documents to look at, I decide to limit the search to 1939-1945. This brings up 88 references which is more manageable. I start exploring these in more detail.