Basic Searching

Search the Churchill Archive for the people, subjects, places or events you’re interested in. The search box in the top right hand corner of the screen is the place to start. Enter terms or combinations of them here.

You’ll be presented with a screen summarising the results. The left hand margin gives you easy options to narrow your results by date or place. In the main reading pane on the right of the screen you see document type, reference and the start of the catalogue description. Click on those you’re interested in to see document images.

Advanced Searching

If you’re overwhelmed with hits, you can refine your search to make the results more manageable; for example, by adding a date range. Click on the “advanced search” link below the search box.

Here you can be more specific about the criteria you want to apply to your search, refining it to words and phrases, or dates or periods that you’d like to include or exclude.

You can also specify the kind of content you want to search - primary source (the catalogue and any transcriptions), or secondary source (the additional higher education modules and collections) - and, for primary source searches, whether to look in the text of the catalogue, the text of any document transcriptions, or both.

Finally, you can also select particular series of Sir Winston’s papers in which to search to focus on particular areas.

Find results that have...
“all these words”:

What you type in: Joseph Chamberlain Imperial Preference
What you get: all catalogue descriptions with all these 4 words in them.
(joseph AND chamberlain AND imperial AND preference)

Find results that have...
“this exact wording”:

What you type in: Never in the field of
What you get: all catalogue descriptions including the entire phrase as specified
("never in the field of")
Only use for phrase searching

Find results that have...
“one or more of these words”:

What you type in: Joseph Chamberlain Imperial Preference
What you get: all catalogue records featuring any one of the 4 words
(Joseph OR Chamberlain OR Imperial OR Preference)
Useful for combining search terms

Find results that don’t have...
“any of these words”:

What you type in: Joseph Chamberlain
What you get: all records which do not mention Joseph or Chamberlain
NOT (Joseph OR Chamberlain)
Most useful when combined with another search box - eg to find results about Imperial preference but NOT Joseph Chamberlain