Your School Needs You

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that, earlier this month, the entire Churchill Archive (800,000 papers) became available online to the public for the very first time.

The online archive brings together the whole of Winston Churchill’s correspondence, making available drafts of speeches (from initial notes to final versions of his most dynamic oratory displays); communications to and from key political figures, inclusive of cabinet minutes detailing key decisions made during the first half of the twentieth century; and insight into the huge significance of Churchill’s personal and political relationships. It is a glimpse into a very different world – one of great leadership and courage, combining insight into national and international affairs through the eyes of a soldier, a journalist, a wartime leader and a historian.

However, provides much more than merely the opportunity to view key documents integral to modern British and International Politics.

One of the missions of the Churchill Centre is to encourage both the teaching and research into the history of the Churchill era (inclusive of all areas in which he took an interest – art, English literature and science and technology). So, with this in mind, our online content also comes equipped with lesson plans tailored to help schools get the most out of this unique resource.

As a result, this collection has proven desirable to both universities and schools across the world. That said, not every school or university is fortunate enough to have the funding available to them. Thus, we present to you, admirers of Churchill, the unique opportunity to sponsor your old Alma Mater and inspire great leadership amongst students by helping them access documents enhancing their knowledge on the greatest leader of them all!

As Churchill himself might have said about the opportunity; ““Be ye men of valour” and help your school’s children to learn from the “Blood, Toil, Tears & Sweat” of my generation.”

A single donation of £3,800 will provide your school with perpetual access to the 800,000 papers in the new online Archive. A single donation, starting from £13,500, will provide your university with perpetual access. By way of thanks, each donor (i.e. you) will also receive a free access to