Platform Migration Info & FAQs

We are delighted announce the forthcoming migration of Churchill Archive onto a newly redesigned and optimized platform.

Easier to search, browse, and navigate, it will be an even more essential online resource to support study, teaching, and research at your institution. Users will be able to access all of the same high-quality content as before but will benefit from an improved site experience.

The website migration is scheduled to take place in Summer 2023. We will provide communication leading up to this event and will keep customers informed if there are any changes.

Will URLs from the previous site redirect to pages on the new site?  In order to support customers who have bookmarked the current URLs, for example in library catalogue systems or in reading lists, as well as search engines and discovery and indexing databases, we will set up URL redirects in order to support customers who have bookmarked the current URLs in library catalogue systems or in reading lists, as well as search engines and discovery and indexing databases.

Please note the redirects will live in our platform indefinitely. DOIs will continue to point to the new platform too. This means that if you are using our MARC records (which include DOI URLs), you need not be concerned about the URLs. If you are using your own MARC records or are bookmarking pages using the OLD platform URLs, you are covered by the redirects.

 Will there be a change to the main site url? No, the site will remain 

 What about access methods? How will they work on the new platform? Our access method, for example IP address, Shibboleth, or Open Athens, will continue to work in exactly the same way. Any Churchill Archive customers using EZProxy need to ensure that they have the Geoplugin stanza in their EZProxy config.txt (if it is not there already) just above the Bloomsbury Collections stanza. Please therefore check and confirm that your EZProxy config file stanzas for Churchill Archive will be set as follows, including the Option Cookie directive: Title GEOPlugin (updated 20200423):

Option Cookie:
Title Churchill Archive (updated 20200423)

Are there any changes to usage statistics (COUNTER reports)? There will be no changes to the availability of COUNTER reports.

What do I need to do about my personal account? If you are an instructor, librarian, or student with an existing personal account:

You will need to set up a personal account on the new Churchill Archive site after the migration. This is a simple process that can be done quickly and easily. We will share information on how to do this in advance of the platform migration date.
Bookmarks saved to personal accounts on the current Churchill Archive site will not be retained, so prior to migration you should save links to your favorite pages within your own browser, so you do not lose them.

How do personal accounts work on the new site?  On the new site your Personal Account enables you to:

  • Save books, chapters, articles, cases, images, or other items to view later
  • Organize your saved items into folders
  • Email and export citations
  • Save searches and receive search alerts

On the new site the My Content area contains:

  • My Saved Items: This is where you can save (bookmark) items on the new platform. You can create your own folders and organise your saved items. This will be empty until you start saving items on the new platform; you can save links to books, chapters, articles, cases, videos, and images.
  • My Saved Searches: This is where all the searches that you have saved on the new platform appear. This is a new feature, which was not available on the old site, so nothing will be saved here until you start saving Searches on the new platform. You will also be able to turn email alerts on and off for saved searches here. When turned on, you will receive an email whenever new relevant content for that search is added.
On the new site the My Profile area is where you can:
  • Edit your name and email address
  • Change your password
  • Opt in to receive information about Churchill Archive and related Bloomsbury products


If you have any questions about the migration, please get in touch with your Account Manager:

UK and Rest of World:
Australia and New Zealand: