THE NEW YORK TIMES: Winston Churchill Goes Digital

CAMBRIDGE, England – You’re a high school or college student, or a journalist, psychologist or historian, and you have a paper to write on Winston Churchill’s “finest hour” speech from June 18, 1940, arguably his most stirring moment in World War II. But you want to go beyond the famous lyric of defiance he delivered in the House of Commons and learn how he progressed in his own mind to that moment, and what private doubts he had – as he did – about Britain’s ability to withstand Hitler.

By the summer of 2012 the challenge will become a great deal easier, thanks to a project that will be announced on Thursday by the Churchill Archives Center in Cambridge and Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of the London publishing house Bloomsbury. No longer will the serious student have to journey to Cambridge, paying for travel and a hotel, when the same end can be achieved with a few keystrokes and a fraction of the cost.

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