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CHAR 8/518A/34

Nov 1935

Edition of the Strand Magazine containing (p 10-21) an article by WSC illustrated with black and white photographs of Adolf Hitler. The subjects and opinions in the article include: speculation whether...

CHAR 8/518A-B

Feb 1935 - Nov 1935

2 files (89 loose folios)

Literary: Articles.

Proofs, press cuttings and publications of the following articles by WSC: "This Man's Gamble May Change Your Whole Life" on Franklin Roosevelt and his unemployment policy, and the difference between trade unions in Britain and the United States; "If Roosevelt Fails" on Franklin Roosevelt's economic policy and the risks of tearing down capitalism; "Lawrence of Arabia", an obituary for T E Lawrence; "Earl Jellicoe", an obituary for 1st Lord Jellicoe; "The Truth About Hitler" on the achievements and threat of Hitler (see CHAR 8/518A/33 and CHAR 8/518A/34); preface to David Kirkwood's "My Life of Revolt"; "King George V" [by ? "MacLeish"] on 25 years of George V's reign.

Also includes: "Myself" by T E Shaw [earlier T E Lawrence] from a letter written by Lawrence to Robert Graves; "Lawrence of Arabia" a tribute by Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Stirling, Lawrence's Chief Staff Officer in Arabia; a letter from Desmond Morton correcting a draft of "The Truth About Hitler"; a letter from Brendan Bracken on "King George V".

Churchill Archive Centre Classifications

Trade unions
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965), Knight, statesman and Prime Minister


Physical2 files (89 loose folios)

CHAR 8/518A/34

Nov 1935

1 pamphlet ([1], 1-38,[4], 5-64 p)

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"The Truth about Hitler"

Edition of the Strand Magazine containing (p 10-21) an article by WSC illustrated with black and white photographs of Adolf Hitler. The subjects and opinions in the article include: speculation whether Adolf Hitler will be judged to be "a monster or a hero"; Germany’s return to power after World War I and the "lethargy and folly" of British and French governments; criticism of disarmament; Germany’s increased production and aviation capabilities; WSC’s warnings of the danger posed by Germany; Hitler’s rise to power and use of the unemployed to get Germany ready for war; Hitler’s hatred and persecution of the French and the Jews and his "ferocious doctrines...enforced with brutal vigour by the Government and by the population" against socialists, communists, Christians; the "horrible bloodbath" of the murder of hundreds of political opponents by the Nazi government on 30 June 1935 [the Night of the Long Knives or Röhm-Putsch]. WSC concludes by asking whether "by such powers the world may regain ‘the joy, the peace and glory of mankind’? The answer, if answer there be, other than the most appalling negative, is contained in that mystery called HITLER."


World War, First (1914-1918) (Great War,World War One,WW1,WWI)
Named individuals (non-fictional)
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer ODNB WWW
Hitler, Adolf WWW

Churchill Archive Centre Classifications

International tensions


Physical1 pamphlet ([1], 1-38,[4], 5-64 p)

CHAR 8/518A/34
Nov 1935

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