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CHAR 22/87 Official: Cabinet: papers 41 - 60.

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CHAR 22/87/46

Cabinet Paper with introduction by WSC on the impact of the return to the Gold Standard. Includes analysis by the heads of the banks - Sir Felix Schuster, Director of the National Provincial Bank, Walter Leaf, Chairman of Westminster Bank, Frederick Goodenough, Chairman of Barclays' Bank, Reginald McKenna, Chairman of Midland Bank, John Pease [later 1st Lord Wardington], Chairman of Lloyd's Bank- and Gustav Cassel, of the University of Stockholm [Sweden]. Issues covered include the impact on trade, reduction of unemployment, value of currency.

Printed. Italics are used to indicate positive statements.

1 pamphlet ([1], 2-9 [10] p)
10 Feb 1926