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CHAR 22/143 Official: Cabinet: British Gazette: correspondence.

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CHAR 22/143/10-12

Copy of a letter from WSC to Geoffrey Dawson [Editor of the Times], marked "private and confidential" on the government's decision to comandeer supplies of newsprint compatible with the British Gazette's printing machines. WSC explains that Dawson should continue printing [the Times]; states the importance of the British Gazette "it is the only vehicle now left for concerting action simultaneously in all parts of the country"; and contests the idea that the TUC has as much right as the Government to publish its views "It is a very much more difficult task to feed the nation than it is to wreck it." Unsigned carbon typescript.

3 folios
08 May 1926
CHAR 22/143/101

Letter from William Codling (Stationery Office) to Edward Marsh [Private Secretary to WSC] reporting on the possibility of protecting the use of the title "The British Gazette" for use by the Crown. He advises that it would be possible to achieve this through legislation. Signed typecript. Annotated by WSC "No legislation" and by Marsh "Mr Codley so informed."

1 folio
01 Jun 1926