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CHAR 22/142 Official: Cabinet: British Gazette: various papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 22/142/34-44

Minutes of a meeting between WSC and members of the Newspaper Proprietors' Association and the Newspaper Society on issues connected with the British Gazette, such as printing, distribution, finding men to work during the strike and whether it is a Government publication.

11 folios
03 May 1926
CHAR 22/142/119-132

Report by Sir Malcolm Fraser, Controller of the Stationery Office, on subjects including: the decision to produce a daily newspaper; requisitioning the offices of the "Morning Post"; use of volunteers; distribution of the British Gazette; requisitioning of a paper mill and paper from newspapers and paper manufacturing; difficulties of obtaining men to work; and circulation figures for the "British Gazette" 'the largest of any daily paper in any part of the world at any time'.

14 folios
25 May 1926