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CHAR 22/119 Official: Cabinet: Committee on the Report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry: papers 13 - 20.

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CHAR 22/119/1-36

Notes of a meeting on the coal situation between Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour, George Lane-Fox, Secretary for Mines [later 1st Lord Bingley], Sir Horace Wilson, Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary, Mines Department, Christopher Hurst, Assistant Secretary, Mines Department, and representatives of the Executive Committee of the Miners' Federation. Subjects discussed include: a national minimum wage; likely unemployment if wages were increased; specific levels of wages in Northumberland; results of wage reduction and different wage levels in separate districts; the miners' refusal to accept wage reductions; pits running at a loss without a subsidy to the industry; the state of the coal market.

36 folios
23 Apr 1926