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CHAR 22/105 Official: Cabinet: papers 400 - 428.

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CHAR 22/105/78-81

Note of a meeting between representatives of the Miners' Federation and Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland [Minister of Labour], on the settlement of the coal dispute, particularly the loss of benefits to striking miners.

4 folios
15 Dec 1926
CHAR 22/105/82-83

Extract from a discussion between the Cabinet Coal Committee (particularly Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland [Minister of Labour], Winston Churchill [Chancellor of the Exchequer] and 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith] and representatives of the Miners' Federation, on the settlement of the coal dispute. Subjects discussed include: the miners' request that there should be no victimisation after the strike; unemployment relief for those put out of work, under the existing Unemployment Insurance law.

2 folios
11 Nov 1926 - 12 Nov 1926