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CHAR 22/102 Official: Cabinet: papers 340 - 359.

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CHAR 22/102/4-5

Typescript copy of a letter from Ronald Waterhouse, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, to the Secretary of the Miners' Federation [Arthur Cook], stating that in order to help settle the coal dispute, the Government had made a conditional offer to the Federation of setting up a National Arbitration Tribunal to review any settlement under which miners were asked to work more than seven hours. Waterhouse goes on to say that the Federation had rejected this offer once, and that the Government had already given it more time to consult with the mining districts. He states that the Federation's Delegate Conference must give a definite reply to the offer: if accepted, the Government would set up the Tribunal as soon as possible, but otherwise the offer would be withdrawn.

2 folios
06 Oct 1926