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CHAR 2/90 Public and political: general correspondence.

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CHAR 2/90/1

Letter from Randal Charlton (Sunday Pictorial Newspapers Ltd, 23-29 Bouverie Street, London) to WSC (33 Eccleston Square) enclosing a quotation from the Times [see CHAR 2/90/2-3]. Signed typescript.

1 folio
28 Mar 1917
CHAR 2/90/2-3

Extract from an article from the military correspondent of the Times blaming "the Higher Direction of the War in London" for the failure of the Dardanelles campaign. Typescript copy. Sent with CHAR 2/90/1.

2 folios
14 Aug 1915
CHAR 2/90/4

Letter from Cyril Longhurst (Offices of the War Cabinet) to WSC enclosing a minute of the Committee of Imperial Defence sub-committee on the allotment and location of seaplane and aeroplane stations [see CHAR 2/90/5] and referring to the Calais conferences. Signed and annotated typescript.

1 folio
03 May 1917
CHAR 2/90/5

Minute of the Committee of Imperial Defence sub-committee on the allotment and location of seaplane and aeroplane stations reporting the comments of the chairman [WSC] on the usefulness of torpedo-carrying aircraft. Sent with CHAR 2/90/4.

1 folio
[25] [Jun] [1914]
CHAR 2/90/6

Note from "E C" (House of Commons) to WSC: "I need not say how glad I am you had such a success.".

1 folio
10 May 1917
CHAR 2/90/7-8

Letter from R Borlase Matthews (106 Earl's Court Road, Kensington, [London]) to WSC criticising the Air Board's decision not to supply technical information to the United States. Signed typescript.

2 folios
09 Jul 1917
CHAR 2/90/9-10

Letter from General Sir Ian Hamilton (1 Hyde Park Gardens, [London]) to WSC commenting on the possibilities of an offensive in the Low Countries and suggesting that the Italian army be reinforced and advance towards Vienna [Austria]. Signed typescript.

2 folios
11 Jul 1917
CHAR 2/90/11

Letter from David Davis (House of Commons) to WSC enclosing notes on war policy in the Balkans to be discussed by the Liberal War Committee [see CHAR 2/90/12-24]. Signed typescript.

1 folio
14 Jul 1917
CHAR 2/90/12-16

Notes [to be discussed by the Liberal War Committee] on the measures necessary for the assumption by the Allies of the offensive on the Salonica front in the Balkans. Sent with CHAR 2/90/11.

5 folios
[Jul] [1917]
CHAR 2/90/17-20

Notes [to be discussed by the Liberal War Committee] arguing that since Britain has the strongest interests among the Allies in supporting Serbia a British or a Serbian general should be placed in overall command on the Salonica front, and considering the disastrous increase in German power in the east which would result from the surrender of Serbia. Sent with CHAR 2/90/11.

4 folios
[Jul] [1917]
CHAR 2/90/21

"Reasons for the appointment of a British general in command of the Salonika expedition." Written by D[avid] D[avis] for discussion by the Liberal War Committee. Sent with CHAR 2/90/11.

1 folio
16 Jun 1917
CHAR 2/90/22-24

Notes [by David Davis for discussion by the Liberal War Committee] arguing for the appointment of the Serbian Field Marshall Misitch to the command of the Allied forces on the Salonica front and for the overhaul of the British means of obtaining intelligence from there. Sent with CHAR 2/90/11.

3 folios
30 Mar 1917
CHAR 2/90/25

Letter from General Jan Smuts (Savoy Hotel, London) to WSC inviting him to dine with him and [Frederick] Guest and referring to WSC's recent election victory in Dundee.

1 folio
31 Jul 1917
CHAR 2/90/26

Letter from 1st Lord Rothermere [earlier Sir Harold Harmsworth] (Ritz Hotel, [London]) to WSC declining his offer of a post because of the "very harassing work" he has had at the Royal Army Clothing Factory. Thanks WSC for his efforts in connection with his son and reports he has had a word with the editor of the Daily Mail "with I think satisfactory results." Annotated by WSC: "I want to see him.".

1 folio
10 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/90/27

Note by WSC to Edward Marsh disclaiming a statement attributed to him by Captain Fawcet Wray of the Royal Navy [see CHAR 2/90/29].

1 folio
18 Aug [1917]
CHAR 2/90/28

Letter from "Charlie" (Colonel Kennedy Crauford Stewart) (United Service Club, Pall Mall, [London]) to Edward Marsh enclosing a statement from Captain Fawcet Wray of the Royal Navy referring to WSC [see CHAR 2/90/29].

1 folio
13 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/90/29

Declaration by Captain Fawcet Wray of the Royal Navy defending himself against allegations of cowardice and default made at the Court of Enquiry and Court Martial on Rear-Admiral Ernest Troubridge for allowing the 'Goeben' to escape. Sent with CHAR 2/90/28.

1 21 leaves
03 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/90/30-31

Letter from WSC (Lullenden) to [David Lloyd George] denying that he said anything indiscreet during a recent conversation on naval affairs with Rear-Admiral William Sims of the United States Navy and stating that the First Sea Lord [Sir Eric Geddes] should have contacted him if he had heard reports of his words giving the contrary impression. Draft in WSC's hand.

2 folios
19 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/90/32

Letter from Lord Haldane [earlier Richard Haldane (Cloan, Auchterarder, Perthshire, [Scotland]) to WSC approving his plan to set up a Munitions Council.

1 folio
22 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/90/33-37

Letter from Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, later 1st viscount) [earlier Ivor Guest, amnd Lord Ashby St Ledgers] (Vice Regal Lodge, Dublin, [Ireland]) to WSC on: the efforts of extreme Unionists and of Sinn Fein to destroy the Convention; the interest of John Redmond and the Nationalists in minimising the significance of Sinn Fein's threat; the position of Sir Henry Duke [Chief Secretary for Ireland]; the chances of a strong appeal for the continuance of the Convention succeeding against extremists on both sides. Signed typescript.

5 folios
17 Oct 1917
CHAR 2/90/38

Letter from Alice, Lady Wimborne [Vice Regal Lodge, Dublin, [Ireland]) to WSC urging him to get David Lloyd George to consult Lord Wimborne [Ivor Guest, earlier Lord Ashby St Ledgers] on Irish affairs and describing the policies of the extremists of the North and John Redmond and the visit to Ireland of William Sutherland, Lloyd George's private secretary.

1 folio
[Oct] [1917]
CHAR 2/90/39-40

Letter from WSC to [Lord Wimborne, earlier Ivor Guest] expressing confidence that there will not be serious difficulties in Ireland and approving Wimborne's policy there and the fact that Sir Henry Duke is being more conciliatory. Typescript copy.

2 folios
25 Oct 1917
CHAR 2/90/41

Letter from Edmund Cooper Wheater (Pinners Hall, Austin Friars, London) to WSC enclosing a cutting on the government encouragement of aniline dye companies in Germany [see CHAR 2/90/42] and attacking the delay in granting a settlement in shares in the British Coalite Company.

1 folio
15 Nov 1917
CHAR 2/90/42

Cutting from the Times reporting the announcement in the Frankfurter Zeitung of the increase in the capital of the aniline dye companies in Germany. Sent with CHAR 2/90/41.

1 folio
13 Nov 1917
CHAR 2/90/43

Telegram from WSC (Paris, [France]) to [David Lloyd George] congratulating him on the debate "which will certainly have very steadying effect here." Typescript copy.

1 folio
20 Nov 1917
CHAR 2/90/44-46

Letter from WSC to Lord Zetland rejecting Zetland's implication that WSC as First Lord of the Admiralty appointed the late Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock to the command of an inadequate squadron on the American station which was then involved in the action off Coronel [Chile]. Annotated typescript copy.

3 folios
Nov [1917]
CHAR 2/90/47

Second interim report of the Committee on the Production and Distribution of Milk.

1 8p
30 Nov 1917
CHAR 2/90/48

Report on the Pan-Turanian Movement by the Intelligence Bureau of the Department of Information.

1 [2],26p and map
Oct 1917 - Nov 1917