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CHAR 2/89 Public and political: Dardanelles Commission of Inquiry: prints, notes and other papers.

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CHAR 2/89/1

"The possibility of a joint naval and military attack upon the Dardanelles. I. Memorandum by the General Staff. II. Note by the Director of Naval Intelligence." Written 20 Dec 1906. Printed for the Committee of Imperial Defence, Feb 1907.

1 [1],5,[1]p
20 Dec 1906 - Feb 1907
CHAR 2/89/2

Memorandum by Sir Maurice Hankey, secretary of the Committee of Imperial Defence, analysing the deadlock on the Western Front and suggesting it can be broken either by technological innovations or by striking at Turkey and German overseas colonies (29 Dec 1914). With note by Hankey (written 2 Sep 1916) that this was prepared for [Herbert Asquith, later Lord Oxford and Asquith] and circulated to Lord Crewe, Sir Edward Grey [later Lord Grey of Fallodon], Lord Kitchener, Lord Fisher [earlier Sir John Fisher], WSC and David Lloyd George.

1 5,[1]p. Typed slip attached.
28 Dec 1914 - 02 Sep 1916
CHAR 2/89/3

Letter from Julian Corbett to Sir Maurice Hankey describing the British attempt to force the Dardanelles in 1807. Printed for the Committee of Imperial Defence.

1 [4]p
04 Feb 1915
CHAR 2/89/4

Memorandum by Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] on the need to distinguish between the operations necessary to gain control of the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus [Karadeniz Bogazi, Turkey] and Constantinople and those necessary to bring the Balkan states onto the Allied side. Printed for the Committee of Imperial Defence.

1 [2],2p
24 Feb 1915
CHAR 2/89/5

"Remarks by the Secretary of State for War [Lord Kitchener] on the Chancellor of the Exchequer's [David Lloyd George] memorandum (G-7) on the conduct of the war." Printed for the Committee of Imperial Defence.

1 [2],2p
25 Feb 1915
CHAR 2/89/6

"Committee of Imperial Defence. The War. After the Dardanelles. The next steps. Notes by the Secretary." [Sir Maurice Hankey].

1 7,[1]p
01 Mar 1915
CHAR 2/89/7

Notes defending General Sir Ian Hamilton's conduct in the Dardanelles.

1 folio
CHAR 2/89/8

Fragmentary notes by WSC on [stages in the planning process for the Dardanelles campaign].

1 folio
CHAR 2/89/9

List by WSC of documents relating to the planning of the Dardanelles campaign.

1 folio
CHAR 2/89/10

Fragmentary notes by WSC on the planning of the Dardanelles campaign.

1 folio
CHAR 2/89/11

Fragmentary notes by WSC on the planning of the Dardanelles campaign.

1 folio
CHAR 2/89/12-15

Statement by [WSC] to [the Dardanelles Commission of Inquiry] arguing that far more resources were squandered on the ineffective offensives on the Western Front in 1916 than would have been needed to attain the much more valuable objective of forcing the passage of the Dardanelles. Annotated typescript draft.

4 folios
CHAR 2/89/16-25

Statement by WSC (referring to himself in the third person) justifying his role in the Dardanelles campaign, arguing that the plan for a purely naval attack abandoned prematurely in favour of a joint naval and military attack which could only be undertaken in unfavourable circumstances. Draft in WSC's hand headed "notes as a guide".

10 folios
[08] [Sep] [1916]
CHAR 2/89/26-32

Notes by WSC on: the difference in policy between the Admiralty and the War Office during the years leading up to World War I; the way in which the Agadir [Morocco] crisis made WSC believe that there was a real danger of war; his measures as Home Secretary to protect naval magazines; his measures as First Lord of the Admiralty to ensure that the Fleet should be absolutely ready; his relations with Lord Fisher [earlier Sir John Fisher]. Headed: "not for publication but as a guide".

7 folios
CHAR 2/89/33

Letter from Lord Kitchener (War Office) to WSC stating that preparations for land operations [at the Dardanelles] are continuing and hoping that the Navy will engage the forts vigorously so that the Turks expend their ammunition. Typescript copy annotated by WSC for inclusion in a publication.

1 folio
25 Mar 1915
CHAR 2/89/34

Two lines from an unidentified letter. Typescript copy.

1 folio
c 1915
CHAR 2/89/35-36

Part of a letter [from WSC] justifying the increase of establishments in the naval dockyards and thanking the recipient of the letter for his support over the past year. Typescript copy.

2 folios
[Dec] [1915]
CHAR 2/89/37-38

Notes of figures by WSC having some bearing on the Dardanelles campaign.

2 folios
c 1916
CHAR 2/89/39-42

Account by WSC of the development by the Admiralty of the "caterpillar" [or tank]. Typescript copy.

4 folios
CHAR 2/89/43-46

Notes by WSC on the report of the Dardanelles Commission of Inquiry.

4 folios
CHAR 2/89/47

Official report of House of Commons debates including application for a debate on the excisions made in the Dardanelles Commission of Inquiry report.

1 1 vol
14 Mar 1917