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CHAR 2/61 Public and Political: General: Home Rule: Correspondence and pass books.

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CHAR 2/61/1

Note from "Alick" [Alexander Murray, Master of Elibank, later Lord Murray of Elibank] (House of Commons) to WSC thanking him for £3000 [from James Caird] towards the work of the Home Rule Council.

23 Feb 1912
CHAR 2/61/2

Letter from J L Garvin (Pall Mall Gazette, Newton Street, High Holborn, [London]) to WSC protesting about a pamphlet issued by the Home Rule Council misrepresenting his attitude to Home Rule and his role in the supposed "'Tory plot at the Veto Conference'".

11 Jun 1912
CHAR 2/61/3-6

Letter from J L Garvin (9 Greville Place, [London]) to WSC on: the need for Britain to maintain its naval strength; the support of most Unionists of Andrew Bonar Law's position on Home Rule for Ireland; the vital importance of recognising that Ulster can never be dealt with by force.

24 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/7

Letter from G Wallace Carter, general secretary of the Home Rule Council (Parliament Chambers, Great Smith Street, Westminster, [London]) to WSC (Admiralty) enclosing the first report and financial statement of the Home Rule Council [see CHAR 2/61/8-9] and stating that the Council will have to increase its efforts until the Home Rule Bill is law. Signed typescript.

05 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/8-9

Financial statement of the Home Rule Council for the year ending 16 August 1912. Sent with CHAR 2/61/7.

[Sep 1912]
CHAR 2/61/10-12

Letter from [WSC] to [Sir George Ritchie] on the importance of setting up the Irish parliament in Dublin before the general election and on how the opposition of the Unionists can be dealt with. Typescript copy.

08 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/13

Letter from [WSC] to [?] on the monies donated by James Caird towards the work of the Home Rule Council. Typescript copy.

14 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/14

Letter from [WSC] to [?] on a letter he has written to John Redmond and the reply he has received. Typescript copy.

14 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/15

Another copy of CHAR 2/61/14.

14 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/16

Letter from [WSC] to J Bait stating his belief that Protestants in Ulster will not be persecuted for their religion under a system of Home Rule but that extreme Protestants will mistreat Catholics as a result of the encouragement given to bigotry and lawlessness given by the leaders of the Conservative Party.

14 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/17

Letter from [WSC] to [?] expressing his wish that the question of provincial parliaments for England should be ventilated but that it should not get in the way of Home Rule for Ireland.

16 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/18

Letter from [WSC] (Oban, [Argyllshire, Scotland] to [James Caird] on the disposal of the sums donated by Caird towards the work of the Home Rule Council; encloses bank pass books [see CHAR 2/61/19-20].

21 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/19-20

Bank pass books relating to the sums donated by James Caird towards the work of the Home Rule Council and the promotion of Free Trade. Sent with CHAR 2/61/18 2 volumes.

CHAR 2/61/21-23

Letter from James Caird (Dundee, [Angus, Scotland]) to WSC expressing satisfaction about the state of the accounts of the sums he has donated towards the work of the Home Rule Council and the promotion of Free Trade and referring to: the plan to establish a club for sailors at Rosyth (Fife, Scotland); the engagement of his employees through the labour exchange and the problem of stamping the health insurance and unemployment tickets.

25 Sep 1912
CHAR 2/61/24

Letter from Percy Illingworth (12 Downing Street) to WSC asking for another money contribution towards the Home Rule campaign.

01 Nov 1912
CHAR 2/61/25

Letter from Augustine Birrell (Irish Office) to WSC on the need for the Home Rule Bill to be acceptable to Irishmen.

[c 1912]
CHAR 2/61/26

Filing envelope for material on the Home Rule Council.

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