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CHAR 2/609A-B Public and Political: General: correspondence from the general public mainly abroad, particularly the United States, on the Munich Crisis, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Anglo-American relations and other international affairs; mostly supporting WSC's stance, praising his broadcasts and articles, some making appeals concerning personal matters.

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CHAR 2/609A/2A-2B

Letter from John Hemingway [United States] enclosing a press cutting (see CHAR 2/609A/2a) on anti-British sentiment in the United States and the need for Britain to pay her debts and the low opinion of the Churchills held by those who have read Thackery. Signed typescript. Includes a cutting from an American newspaper of an article by George Rothwell Brown on resentment at WSC's broadcast to the United States.

2 folios
19-20 Oct 1938
CHAR 2/609A/26

Letter from George E Bailey (New York [United States]) to WSC in response to WSC's broadcast to the United States. He says that he would not like the US to play a part in another European war, since Americans are still paying taxes to make up for unpaid loans, and feels that Great Britain should have prevented the German occupation of the Rhineland to prevent the Dictator [Adolf Hitler] becoming so powerful. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
19 Oct 1938
CHAR 2/609A/43

Letter from J Peckell Nathan (416 N Eighth Street) to WSC expressing approval for his "masterful, courageous" broadcast to the United States. Signed typescript.

1 folio
19 Oct 1938
CHAR 2/609A/80

Letter from Benjamin H Kizer (Old National Bank Building, Spokane, Washington [United States]) to WSC expressing approval for his broadcast to the United States and commenting that WSC's phrase "recuperative power of the democracies" reminds him of a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin. Signed typescript.

1 folio
21 Oct 1938