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CHAR 2/573A-B Public and Political: General: Correspondence C-G.

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CHAR 2/573/28

Letter from [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain (Cairnton, Banchory [Aberdeenshire, Scotland]) to WSC, saying that he had been annoyed to see from WSC's letter to the press that he had not been notified by Stanley Baldwin that Chamberlain was leading the opposition to the Finance Bill. Chamberlain explains that Baldwin had asked him whether he should write to WSC, and that he had said "Certainly", so that if Baldwin hadn't done so in time, then it must have been inadvertent, rather than deliberate. He adds that he wasn't looking forward to the labours which WSC would now miss, and would welcome the help which WSC had offered, though this would not entail WSC being in constant attendance, as he had been the year before. Chamberlain ends by hoping that WSC's "Marlborough" was progressing, and says that he thought WSC's last book was a masterpiece, and the best thing that he had done as literature. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
05 Apr 1931
CHAR 2/573/68

Pamphlet by Sir [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain, "My Cottage Garden", reprinted from the Countryman and inscribed by Chamberlain to WSC as his old friend and now fellow-gardener, with affectionate regard "which gardening may increase and politics cannot lessen". Printed pamphlet with signed manuscript note.

1 folio
Jun 1933