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CHAR 2/55 Public and Political: General: National Income; Land Transfer Bill; Justices of the Peace: Notes and papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/55/1

Cabinet memorandum by Lord Loreburn on the appointment of Justices of the Peace. 5, [1p]. Leaves printed on one side only.].

Jun 1911
CHAR 2/55/2

Notes to clauses of the Land Transfer Bill. Annotated: "3 April". 6,[1p. Leaves printed on one side only.].

CHAR 2/55/3

Table showing the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Land Transfer Acts and their treatment in the draft land transfer and registration of assurances bills.

CHAR 2/55/4

Draft of a bill intituled an act to amend the land transfer acts, 1875 and 1897. Annotated: "3 April". 12,[1p. Leaves printed on one side only.].

CHAR 2/55/5-15

Figures, with explanatory notes, on the relationship between national income and defence spending from 1812 to 1910, compiled for Reginald McKenna [First Lord of the Admiralty.] Annotated typescript.

10 Mar 1911-11 Mar 1911