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CHAR 2/52 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/52/1

Letter from Alfred Tobin (2 Plowden Buildings, Temple, [London]) to [WSC] thanking him for his letter and expressing immense interest in certain debates and his desire to pay tribute to WSC's efforts to meet criticisms of certain bills.

03 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/2

Letter from Edward Marshall Hall (3 Temple Gardens, [London]) to WSC expressing disappointment about his failure to secure a [?legal] appointment.

03 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/3

Note from Walter Runciman [later Lord Runciman] enclosing a letter from his constituent, the chairman of the Yorkshire Coalowners Association [see CHAR 2/52/4]. Annotated by WSC: "Mr [Carles] Masterman to see and return.".

10 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/4

Letter from C B ?Cranston [chairman of the Yorkshire Coalowners Association] to Walter Runciman [later Lord Runciman] complaining about having to rely on Conservative MPs to put the Association's case on the Coal Mines Bill and about the representatives of the miners dictating to the owners. Sent with CHAR 2/52/3.

10 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/5

Letter from James Ramsay Macdonald (House of Commons) to WSC stating that the Labour Party will not vote for the second reading of the Trade Union Bill because of its provisions regarding union contributions to the political fund to support Labour MPs. Explains why a ballot among trade unions on the issue of labour representation would not at that juncture produce a fair result.

10 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/6

Letter from the Maharaja of Idar (Idar-Ahmednagar, [India]) to [WSC] asking for help in his scheme to become regent in Jodhpur following the death of his nephew the Maharaja Sir Sardar Singh of Jodhpur. Signed typescript.

12 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/7

Letter from Sardar Singh [Maharaja of Jodhpur, India] (Dehra Dun, [India]) to his uncle [the Maharaja of Idar] on: his own and King Edward VII's illness; maladministration in Jodhpur and the need for Idar to return [?from Europe] to rectify the situation. Sends greetings to and from various people and asks to be sent gun cartridges, horses, ponies and dogs. Typescript copy.

31 Jul 1902
CHAR 2/52/8

Letter from Sardar Singh [Maharaja of Jodhpur, India] (Ratanda Palace, [India]) to "my very dear son" denying that he is again favouring Pandit Sukhdeo [Prasad] and his party and expressing his determination to "kick them out". Typescript copy.

12 Sep 1902
CHAR 2/52/9

Letter from Sardar Singh [Maharaja of Jodhpur, India] to his brother: "if I die I will die with the entire satisfaction that I have behind me my valued brother that will do all he can for my friends." Typescript copy.

[c 1902]
CHAR 2/52/10

Letter from E P Ray, first honorary secretary of the Young British Liberals Society (326 Newtown Row, Birmingham) to [WSC] inviting him to address a meeting of the Society. Signed typescript. Annotated that WSC cannot give a decision yet and that a reply was sent to this effect, 20 Apr.

14 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/11

Letter from Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith ([Permanent Secretary to the] Board of Trade) to WSC commenting on the syllabus [?of the National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution] and stressing that nothing should be said to throw doubt on the Government's assurances that labour exchanges are voluntary. He does not think that the conference will be a suitable place to expound the Government's unemployment insurance scheme in detail. Reports that labour exchanges are thriving in Lancashire.

29 Apr [1911]
CHAR 2/52/12

Letter from 6th Lord Winterton (House of Commons) regretting [with reference to a confrontation between him and WSC in the House of Commons] that he had not more readily accepted WSC's explanation of what had happened.

29 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/13

Letter from Vaughan Nash [secretary to Herbert Asquith, later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith] (10 Downing Street) to Edward Marsh reporting that he has shown [Sir Ernest Hatch's letter [on his being made a Privy Councillor] to Asquith. Annotated with WSC's instruction that Hatch be informed.

01 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/14

Letter from Sir Ernest Hatch (20 Portland Place, [London]) to WSC asking that he be made a Privy Councillor before he begins the inquiry into the industrial conditions in Belfast [Ulster, Ireland] and reporting the good progress made by the departmental committees he is chairing on lead poisoning in the house-painting and coach-building industries.

30 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/52/15

Home Office note paper marked "P.M." Refers to CHAR 2/52/16.

[May 1911]
CHAR 2/52/16

Letter from Herbert Asquith [later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith] (10 Downing Street) to WSC asking for leave of absence from the House of Commons as a result of the death of his sister-in-law, Charlotte, Lady Ribblesdale.

02 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/17

Letter from Walter McLaren (House of Commons Library) to WSC appealing to him to vote for the Women's Suffrage Bill. Annotated by WSC that he will see how the Bill shapes in its progress.

04 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/18

Letter from J Cantwell (22 Cornwall Road, Gillingham, [Kent or Dorset]) to WSC thanking him for his letter and postal order and asking to be considered should any suitable appointment become available. Annotated that WSC wishes to know what has been done to get Cantwell employment through the labour exchange.

05 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/19

Note from "G W" (Home Office) to Edward Marsh conveying WSC's instructions to write to Mrs [Eleanor] Birrell to say that he will support Bram Stoker's petition [for a Civil List pension] and go with [Augustine] Birrell to [Herbert Asquith, later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith] to present a memorial. Initialled typescript.

09 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/20

Letter from Florence Stoker, wife of Bram Stoker (4 Durham Place, Chelsea, [London]) to Mrs [Eleanor] Birrell asking her to get WSC to support Bram's petition for a Civil List pension. Sent with CHAR 2/52/21.

05 May [1911]
CHAR 2/52/21

Letter from Eleanor Birrell (70 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, [London] to WSC enclosing a letter from Florence Stoker on Bram Stoker's application for a Civil List pension [see CHAR 2/52/20] and reporting that Bram Stoker has not more than a year to live.

06 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/22

Letter from Constance Lytton (15 Somerset Terrace, Duke's Road, [London]) to WSC urging him to support the Conciliation (Women's Franchise) Bill as a measure on which all parties can agree. Regrets the rift which the issue has caused between WSC and her brother 2nd Lord Lytton.

16 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/23

Letter from Louis Brennan (Brennan Factory, Gillingham, Kent] to WSC (Home Office) on his work to produce improved designs for the construction of his [monorail] cars in Germany. Signed typescript.

16 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/24

Letter from Alfred Emmott to WSC on WSC's belated explanation arising from an incident in the Commons involving Alfred Lyttelton, and on the anxiety he has caused the Chair by making speeches which, though in order, have been inappropriate when the House has been in "an excited and dangerous state.".

31 May 1911
CHAR 2/52/25

Letter from F Maddison (12 Acris Street, Wandsworth, London) to WSC proposing measures to protect the interests of trade union members who do not wish to contribute to the political fund for the support of Labour MPs. Returned with CHAR 2/52/26. Annotated by WSC that the letter be sent to the Attorney-General [Rufus Isaacs, later Lord Reading] for a suggested answer, 4 Jun.

02 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/26

Letter from Rufus Isaacs [later Lord Reading] [Attorney-General] to WSC suggesting responses to F Maddison's proposals to protect the interests of trade union members who do not wish to contribute to the political fund for the support of Labour MPs [see CHAR 2/52/25]. 2 sheets.

09 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/27-28

Letter from WSC (Home Office) to "Mr Manson" [F Maddison] responding to his proposals to protect the interests of trade union members who do not wish to contribute to the political fund for the support of Labour MPs. Typescript copy.

14 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/29

Letter from Alfred Emmott [Chairman of Ways and Means] to WSC praising WSC's ability as a speaker but adding that in a recent letter from WSC he has seen "an expression of tendencies that may stand in your way". Offers to discuss these and affirms his belief in the supremacy of the House of Commons.

04 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/30

Letter from W J Davies, general secretary of the National Brassworkers and Metal Mechanics (70 Lionel Street, Birmingham), to WSC (Home Office) conveying the resolution of his society's annual conference thanking WSC for denouncing the remarks made by judges in dealing with labour questions. Signed typescript.

05 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/31

Letter from Andrew Bonar Law (Pembroke Lodge, Edwardes Square, Kensington, [London]) to WSC regretting that he did not have the information in a recent letter from WSC at a time when he could have seen Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] and reporting that he has written to him. Hopes that "S" may not be disappointed, but does not think his (Law's) intervention will make any difference.

06 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/32-34

Letter from James Ramsay Macdonald (House of Commons) to WSC giving the views of a committee of the Labour Party on sections in the Trade Union Bill concerning: the right of union branches to membership of local trades councils in view of the fact that this might entail political action; the danger and impracticality of requiring that unions should not be involved in the promotion of ideas which judges might interpret as Socialism; the right of unions to subsribe to such bodies as the Tariff Reform League or the Free Trade Union. Signed typescript.

15 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/35

Letter from James Ramsay Macdonald (House of Commons) to WSC asking for a reply to his letter about aspects of the Trade Union Bill. Signed typescript. Annotated by "A J W": "will you reply to this, or see the Home Secretary about it?" Preceded by a piece of paper printed with the word "pressing".

26 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/36

Letter from H S Lindsay, Labour Party parliamentary assistant (House of Commons) to Edward Marsh asking for a reply to James Ramsay Macdonald's letter to WSC on the Trade Union Bill because a committee of the Labour Party needs the information. Signed typescript. Annotated by Marsh that an answer is promised that week.

17 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/37-38

Answers by Rufus Isaacs [later Lord Reading] (Attorney General) to the questions about the Trade Union Bill put by James Ramsay Macdonald in a letter to WSC [see CHAR 2/52/32-34]. Signed and annotated typescript. Includes note that the answers were embodied in a letter to Macdonald, 18 Jul.

08 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/39

Letter from E P Ray, first secretary of the Young British Liberals Society (326 Newtown Row, Birmingham), to WSC asking whether he is willing to accept the presidency of the Society.

13 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/40

Letter from E P Ray, first secretary of the Young British Liberals Society (326 Newtown Row, Birmingham), to WSC proposing to hold back the announcement of WSC's acceptance of the presidency of the Society and suggesting that he give his presidential address just before the elections for the Greater Birmingham City Council. Mentions that Sir John Simon is also visiting Birmingham towards the end of the year.

19 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/41-43

Letter from Alfred Emmott [Chairman of Ways and Means] (30 Ennismore Gardens, [London]) on the extent to which criticism of judges' decisions and the composition of the Bench is relevant to debate on the Trade Union Bill.

20 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/44

Letter from ? (Foreign Office) to ? Harris conveying the thanks of Sir Edward Grey [later Lord Grey of Fallodon] to WSC for letting him see a letter from ? Djavid Bey [see CHAR 2/52/45].

27 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/45

Letter from ?Djavid Bey (Constantinople, [Ottoman Empire] [later Istanbul, Turkey]) to WSC thanking him for his letter on his retirement as minister of finance and expressing confidence in the future progess of liberty in his country. Announces that he is to visit Salonica [later Thessaloniki, Greece] and all the provinces of Armenia, Kurdistan and Syria to assess the situation of the people living a long way from the eyes of central government. Returned with CHAR 2/52/44. French.

18 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/46-47

Letter from the 9th Duke of Devonshire (Chatsworth, Chesterfield, [Derbyshire]) to WSC explaining that he has not had the necessary time to give to the work of the Anti- Socialist Union and expressing support for its policy of exposing such extreme Socialist opinions as appear in the Socialist Standard. Annotated that the letter was answered, 24 Jul.

22 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/48-49

Letter from Leonard Darwin, President of the Eugenics Education Society (6 York Buildings, Adelphi, London) to WSC (33 Eccleston Square, [London]) explaining the purpose of the first International Congress of Eugenics, to be held at London University in July 1912. Darwin hopes that the Government will support the congress, adding that it was being held at London University in honour of the late Sir Francis Galton, as the originator of the science of Eugenics. Darwin lists the Vice-Presidents of the society, and invites WSC to become a Vice-President as well, as a way of showing moral support. He also mentions subjects likely to be discussed at the congress, including diminishing the birth rate in certain classes, providing tax relief for large households, and the marriage laws from the Eugenics standpoint. Annotated: "accepted if purely honorary". Signed typescript.

28 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/50

Letter from J Wylie (4 Elm Court, Temple, [London]) to Edward Marsh enclosing a memorandum [not present] and discussing the interpretation of spoilt ballot papers.

29 Jun 1911
CHAR 2/52/51

Letter from Sir George Kemp (32 Grosvenor Gardens, [London]) to WSC reporting that the Jews of Manchester think that WSC has not kept faith with them over the Shops Bill.

01 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/52-53

Letter from WSC to Baron de Forest wishing him luck in his electoral contest in West Ham [London] and explaining the value of the National Insurance Bill. Pledges that the Government will not give up its struggle with the House of Lords now that it has reached "the last round." Typescript copy annotated and signed by Edward Marsh.

03 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/54

Letter from Sir George Kemp (32 Grosvenor Gardens, [London]) to WSC on the demands of the Manchester Board of Deputies with regard to the Shops Bill.

04 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/55-56

Telegram from [Nathan] Laski (46 Bloom Street, Manchester) to WSC (House of Commons) on the area of Manchester and Salford to be scheduled in the Shops Bill. Annotated with WSC's reply in the hand of Edward Marsh, 17 Jul.

12 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/57

Notes by WSC for a message referring to Land Reform and National Insurance in support of the candidature of Cecil Harmsworth for the Luton Division of Bedfordshire.

[Jul 1911]
CHAR 2/52/58

Letter from Cecil Harmsworth (Wardenhurst, Ashburnham Road, Luton, [Bedfordshire]) to WSC asking him to send a message defending the National Insurance Bill to help in his electoral campaign in the Luton Division of Bedfordshire.

13 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/59

Letter from Sir John French [later Lord French and Lord Ypres] (22 North Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, [London]) to WSC enclosing military maps and a pamphlet on the Normandy peninsula [France] to illustrate his recent remarks on the strength of an Anglo- French military alliance.

23 Jul 1911
CHAR 2/52/60

Letter from Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith ([Permanent Secretary to the] Board of Trade) to WSC reporting that David Lloyd George has told him that the future of the National Insurance Bill is in a critical position and asking WSC to help to insure that part 2 of the bill is not postponed in order to get part 1 through.

30 Jul [1911]