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CHAR 2/51 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/51/1

Envelope marked "letter to P.M." Refers to CHAR 2/51/2-3.

03 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/2-3

Letter from WSC to Herbert Asquith [later Lord Oxford and Asquith] praising him for his leadership during the general election campaign and considering the present political situation. He asserts that the restriction of the House of Lords' veto must be the pre-requisite for any co-operation between the Government and the Tories on reform of the Lords and any other issue, and that the Government should have no hesitation in creating 500 new peers if necessary. After the veto has been restricted, Tories should be appeased by the award of honours, and non-sectional policies should be pursued on Ireland, the Poor Law, boy labour, unemployment insurance, the Navy and licence and death duties. Describes his experiences in "the Stepney affair" [the Siege of Sidney Street] and reports that the King [George V] is pleased with the proceedings against [Edward] Mylius. Copy in the hand of Edward Marsh. An earlier draft at CHAR 2/51/4-6.

03 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/4-6

An earlier draft, in WSC's hand, of CHAR 2/51/2-3.

01 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/7-13

Letter from W H Shaw, port steward of the British Yukon Navigation Company (White Horse, Yukon Territory, Canada) to WSC praising him, David Lloyd-George and the Government generally for their measures "for the benefit of the struggling masses." He describes: the poor living conditions he experienced in Huddersfield [Yorkshire] before leaving about 27 years earlier and their bad effects on morality and on the fitness of men enlisting for the Army; his approval of the Government's land reform measures as the means of improving living conditions for the poor; the death from consumption of his mother and sister; his emmigration to Canada and his employment in Toronto and British Columbia; the moose skin cushion cover and moccassins he has sent to CSC and WSC; the photographs of steamers and trains on the White Pass and Yukon Route and details of the Canadian government's annuity scheme which he has also sent. Advocates home rule for Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

08 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/14

Letter from WSC (Home Office) to W H Shaw [port steward of the British Yukon Navigation Company, [Canada]) thanking him for his gifts and his praise of WSC and David Lloyd George and sending a copy of WSC's life of Lord Randolph Churchill. Typescript copy.

21 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/15

Letter from W H Shaw, port steward of the British Yukon Navigation Company (White Horse, Yukon Territory, [Canada]) to WSC thanking him for sending a copy of his life of Lord Randolph Churchill and praising his and David Lloyd George's work for social reform.

19 Apr 1911
CHAR 2/51/16

Letter from Robert Chalmers (Board of Inland Revenue) to Edward Marsh reporting that the Chancellor of the Exchequer [David Lloyd George] did not in 1909 favour the exemption of estates from estate duty for 25 years because the loss of revenue could not be afforded "in these spacious days of social reform.".

08 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/17

Letter from Lord Loreburn (Kingsdown, Deal, [Kent]) to WSC explaining why appointments of city justices of the peace are made through committees and promising to place J Moore Bayley's name before the soon-to-be-appointed committee for Birmingham. Annotated that Loreburn was thanked, 12 Jan.

09 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/18

Letter from Eustace Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes [Eustace Fiennes] (Kya Lami, Studland Bay, Dorset) to WSC thanking him for his congratulations on his electoral victory in the Banbury or Northern Division of Oxfordshire and asking to be considered for a post as a Liberal whip to replace the defeated Oswald Partington.

11 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/19

Letter from William Willett (Sloane Square, London) to WSC (Home Office) claiming that a majority of MPs would vote in favour of the Daylight Saving Bill and asking for an interview to discuss the measure. Encloses two related letters [see CHAR 2/51/20-21] Signed typescript annotated with WSC's instruction that an appointment be made.

13 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/20

Letter from C Stuart Body (India Office) to [W Willett] asking for a list of Government offices which work from 9 until 4 in the summer months with a view to securing the same advantage for the India Office. Typescript copy. Sent with CHAR 2/51/19.

09 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/21

Letter from W J Pretty (The Factory, Ipswich, [Suffolk]) to William Willett (Sloane Square, London) explaining that he found it impractical to adopt the provisions of the Daylight Saving Bill in his factory because other works did not follow suit. Suggests that commanders of territorial army units, the Motor Union and the Royal Automobile Club be enlisted in support of the bill. Signed typescript copy. Sent with CHAR 2/51/19.

29 Dec 1910
CHAR 2/51/22

Letter from Eustace Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes [Eustace Fiennes] (Kya Lami, Studland Bay, Dorset) to WSC thanking him for speaking to [Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank, later Lord Murray of Elibank] in favour of his claim to be appointed a Liberal whip and describing the adverse turn in his business fortunes since he returned from service in the Boer War.

15 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/23-24

Letter from 2nd Lord Hamilton of Dalzell (Motherwell, [Lanarkshire, Scotland) to WSC quoting passages on the suppression of riots in London in 1660/1 from the diary of Samuel Pepys to answer the charge that a disproportionate number of men had been used "to suppress the anarchists" [at the Siege of Sidney Street].

15 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/25-27

Letter from William Beveridge [later Lord Beveridge] (Labour Exchanges, Central Office, Caxton House, Westminster, [London]) to WSC on: the effect of the Workmen's Compensation Act on unemployment; the scheme of registering at the Labour Exchange boys employed as golf caddies to ensure that they move into more suitable jobs when they become available; the general function of Labour Exchanges of ensuring that light work is done by aged or injured workers rather than by fitter ones; the recent fall in the Labour Exchange weekly figures. Signed typescript.

18 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/28

Letter from R H Davies (12 Downing Street) to [Edward] Marsh returning a letter from the Master of Elibank [Alexander Murray, later Lord Murray of Elibank] to WSC [see CHAR 2/51/29].

20 Jan 1911
CHAR 2/51/29

Letter from "Alick" [Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank later Lord Murray of Elibank] (12 Downing Street) to WSC thanking him for pointing out a mistake in the Outline of Business which was presented to the Cabinet. Reports that people at Buckingham Palace are grateful for WSC's "exceeding care and sympathy in their recent troubles" [King George V's libel case against Edward Mylius] and that he is visiting Wiltshire to consider the successor to Sir John Fuller [out-going MP for the Westbury Division of Wiltshire]. Promises to keep Frederick Guest in mind for future vacancies. Signed typescript.

03 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/30

Letter from Herbert Asquith [later Lord Oxford and Asquith] (10 Downing Street) to WSC: "by all means take a turn on the Home Rule amendment.".

11 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/31

Letter from S E Downing (Ecclesiastical Commission) to Edward Marsh sending information about the Church in Wales [not present].

18 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/32

Letter from Lord Crewe (India Office) to WSC thanking him for his letter on the point raised in "the Savaskar matter.".

21 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/33

Letter from Stephen Gwynn referring to [?Joseph] Devlin, an attack on WSC by [Alfred] Lyttelton and an application for a pension on the Civil List for William Davies, author of "The autobiography of a Super Tramp". Recommends WSC to read the chapter on punishment in Edward Westermarck's "The origin and development of the moral ideas". Annotated: "Mr Marsh to write a nice letter", 24 Feb.

21 Feb [1911]
CHAR 2/51/34

Letter from ? (Office of the High Commissioner for Canada, 17 Victoria Street, London) to WSC referring to the unauthorised communication between WSC and P B Macnamara, the Canadian local trade commissioner in Manchester and to the remarks attributed to Mr Justice Grantham.

22 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/35

Letter from Sir Edward Grey [later Lord Grey of Fallodon] (Foreign Office) to WSC congratulating him on his speech of the previous night [on the Parliament Bill in the House of Commons].

23 Feb 1911
CHAR 2/51/36

Letter from John Dillon [Irish Nationalist MP] (40 Kensington Square, [London]) to WSC reporting that he has spoken to [Arthur] O'Connor and [John] Redmond and asking that his recent conversation with WSC should be considered as not having taken place.

25 Feb [1911]
CHAR 2/51/37

Letter from W Pell (Boston Road, Heckington, [Lincolnshire]) to WSC denying the claim of "Mr Rydoes" that Liberal candidates had not explained the Parliament Bill to voters and mentioning how two of his children have "pined to death" as a result of the House of Lords' activities.

27 Feb [1911]
CHAR 2/51/38

Letter from Abe Bailey (Yewhurst, East Grinstead, Sussex) to WSC looking forward to WSC's visit when he will meet Lionel Curtis Kerr and others and hoping WSC "will take up the role of the leader to the great Imperial goal.".

01 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/39

Letter from Oliver Locker-Lampson(18 Park Mansions, Knightsbridge, [London]) to WSC thanking him for having a question asked [in the House of Commons] and answering it on Locker-Lampson's behalf despite the latter's attacks on him in the past.

01 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/40

Letter from Robert Harcourt (House of Commons) to WSC enclosing a programme of the forthcoming National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution [see CHAR 2/51/41] and inviting WSC to come and speak at it on the broad issues of social reform.

07 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/41

Proof programme of the National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution. Printed. 15,[1p. Sent with CHAR 2/51/40.].

CHAR 2/51/42

Letter from WSC (Home Office) to [Robert] Harcourt stating that he is attracted by the idea of speaking at the National Conference on the Prevention of Destitution but that he wishes to talk to Harcourt first. Initialled typescript copy.

08 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/43

Letter from R C Hawkin (the Eighty Club, 3 Hare Court, Temple, [London]) to WSC asking to have a few words with him before the Home Rule Union is founded because a matter affecting Home Rule is likely to come before the Eighty Club Committee. Annotated with answer that nothing is to be done until the "Veto Bill" [Parliament Bill is out of the way.].

07 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/44

Letter from R C Hawkin (the Eighty Club, 3 Hare Court, Temple, [London]) to WSC announcing that WSC has been made a vice-president of the Eighty Club.

07 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/45

Letter from William Royle (Elmwood, Rusholme, [Manchester]) to WSC thanking him for accepting his invitation to lunch and urging that the campaign of the Home Rule Union [Council] should start in Lancashire.

10 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/46

Letter from Stephen [Lucius] Gwynn (House of Commons) on arrangements for a meeting in the Free Trade Hall [Manchester] to be addressed by WSC and John Redmond.

09 Aug [1911]
CHAR 2/51/47

Letter from E W Record (Manchester Liberal Federation, 20 York Street, Manchester) to WSC on the booking of the [Free Trade] Hall for a meeting to be addressed by WSC and John Redmond.

18 Aug 1911
CHAR 2/51/48-51

Telegram from [Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank, later Lord Murray of Elibank] (Walkerburn, [Peeblesshire, Scotland] to Robert Harcourt (Parliament Chambers, Great Smith Street, London) on a possible meeting in Manchester to be addressed by WSC and John Redmond. Instructs Harcourt to confine his activities [as honorary secretary of the Home Rule Council] to England and endorses his cancellation of a speech by [Sir John] Simon.

31 Aug 1911
CHAR 2/51/52-53

Telegram from [William] Royle (Stromness, [Orkney, Scotland]) to WSC (House of Commons) urging him not to give up the idea of a joint meeting in Manchester [with John Redmond].

15 Aug 1911
CHAR 2/51/54

Letter from [WSC] to [John Redmond] on the date for their proposed joint meeting in Manchester. Typescript copy. Annotated: "not sent".

Aug 1911
CHAR 2/51/55-59

Memorandum from G Wallace Carter (21 Abingdon Street, Westminster, [London]) to WSC reporting on the formation, structure and proposed activities of the Home Rule Council, of which Wallace has been appointed the general secretary. Annotated typescript.

22 Aug 1911
CHAR 2/51/60

Letter from G Wallace Carter, general secretary of the Home Rule Council (Parliament Chambers, Great Smith Street, Westminster, [London]) to Edward Marsh (Home Office) referring to a letter [not present] [?applying for a police appointment] and mentioning reports given to the Deputy Chief Constable of Bristol. Signed typescript.

12 Sep 1911
CHAR 2/51/61

Letter from Joseph King (House of Commons) to WSC praising his performance during the all-night sitting [in the House of Commons on the Revenue Bill] and condemning the attacks on him.

10 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/62

Letter from Sir John French [later Lord French and Lord Ypres] (22 North Audley Street, [London]) to WSC mentioning that he is inspecting the Cambridge University Officer Training Corps and praising WSC's attacking political style.

14 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/63

Letter from Samuel Smethurst [president of the National Federation of Building Trades Employers of Great Britain and Ireland] (Coldhurst House, Longsight, Oldham, [Lancashire]) to WSC referring to his forthcoming meeting with WSC and enclosing and commenting on three documents on unemployment insurance [see CHAR 2/51/64-73]. Mentions his letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer [David Lloyd George] before the general election on amendments to the land tax clauses in the Finance Bill in favour of the building industry.

14 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/64

Letter from W J Sutherland (National Association of Master House Painters and Decorators of England and Wales Incorporated, 26 Oxford Road, Manchester) to J W White urging that representations be made to the Government in favour of the merger of workers' compensation with unemployment and invalidity insurance. Sent with CHAR 2/51/63.

06 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/65-66

Letter from Samuel Smethurst [president of the National Federation of Building Trades Employers of Great Britain and Ireland] (Koh-i-Noor House, Kingsway, London) to WSC (Home Office) transmitting his committee's resolution that the building trade is in urgent need of relief from the rapidly increasing premiums for workers' compensation insurance. Typescript copy. Sent with CHAR 2/51/63.

28 Nov 1910
CHAR 2/51/67-73

'Extract from a paper entitled "national insurance against sickness, invalidity and unemployment." Read by Mr G H Wright, (secretary, Birmingham Master Builders Association) at the Midland Centre Conference of Secretaries, held at Birmingham'. Annotated typescript.

09 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/74

Letter from Edward Marshall Hall (House of Commons) to WSC thanking him for his kindness with regard to a [?legal] appointment.

28 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/75

Letter from Lord Morley [earlier John Morley] (Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, [London]) to WSC thanking him for a note and asserting that the [Liberal] party will not agree to a referendum [on women's suffrage].

28 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/76

Letter from to WSC enclosing and commenting on a note by Sir Edward Henry [Commissioner of Metropolitian Police] on the WSC's wish that a permanent carriage pass should be given to the Master of Elibank [Alexander Murray, later Lord Murray of Elibank] [see CHAR 2/51/77].

29 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/77-78

Note by Sir Edward Henry [Commissioner of Metropolitan Police] expressing his unwillingness to set a precedent by granting a permanent carriage pass to the Master of Elibank [Alexander Murray, later Lord Murray of Eliank]. Signed typescript.

28 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/79

Letter from Sir John Elliott (Board of Agriculture and Fisheries) to WSC on a scheme to clear off the unsatisfied demand for small holdings. Annotated that the letter was acknowledged saying WSC will be glad to help.

30 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/80

Letter from "Jack" [John Seely, later Lord Mottistone] (Colonial Office) to WSC thanking him for his help in the "sash debate" of the previous night.

30 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/81

Letter from ? J H (41 Cadogan Square, [London] enclosing and commenting on a pamphlet of 1719 on the independence of the House of Lords [see CHAR 2/51//82]. Annotated with WSC's instruction to "write a vy civil reply &post by hand.".

31 Mar 1911
CHAR 2/51/82

"The constitution explain'd, in relation to the independency of the House of Lords. With reasons for strengthning that branch of the legislature most liable to abuse. And an answer to all the objections made to the now-reviv'd Peerage Bill." Sent with CHAR 2/51/81. [2,5-71,[1]p].