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CHAR 2/5 Public and Political: General: Trade Unions: Correspondence, press cuttings and printed papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/5/1

Cutting from The Times, leading article on the Trades Union Congress.

02 Sep 1902
CHAR 2/5/2-5

Cutting, account of House of Commons debate on the legal position of Trades Unions.

CHAR 2/5/6

Cutting from the Manchester Courier, article on the Trades Disputes Bill, containing plea for peaceful picketing by G.D. Kelley, Secretary, Manchester and Salford Trades and Labour Council.

20 Jan 1903
CHAR 2/5/7

Cuttings from The Spectator, and Pilot, on trade union law.

24 Jan 1903
CHAR 2/5/8

Cutting from The Times, leading article on trade union law.

14 May [1903]
CHAR 2/5/9-14

Memorandum by the Mining Association of Great Britain, opposing the Trades Disputes Bill [printed, 2 copies].

21 Apr 1903
CHAR 2/5/15-16

Memorandum opposing the Trades Disputes Bill [printed].

CHAR 2/5/17

Memorandum by the Employers' Parliamentary Council, opposing the Trades Disputes Bill [printed].

29 Apr 1903
CHAR 2/5/18-19

Letter from the Cotton Employers' Parliamentary Association to WSC, enclosing pamphlet, The Cotton Trade: Trades Unions and Strikes, by Robert W. Williamson, opposing the Trades Disputes Bill.

28 Apr 1903
CHAR 2/5/20-22

Letter from the Calico Printers' Association Ltd to WSC, asking him to vote against the Trades Disputes Bill.

05 May 1903
CHAR 2/5/23-24

Reprint of articles from the Daily News on the Penrhyn Lock-Out.