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CHAR 2/468A-B Public and Political: General: Personal Office correspondence, M-Q.

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CHAR 2/468A/27

Letter from Dorothy, Lady Moran [earlier Dorothy, Lady Wilson] (Garden House Hotel, Cambridge) to WSC, thanking him for letting her know firstly that her husband 1st Lord Moran [earlier Sir Charles Wilson] was ill, and then that he was better. Lady Moran explains that she had been worried, feeling that Moran was such a long way from her, and that he must have been very ill if he had not insisted on accompanying WSC to Washington [United States]. She asks WSC to take care of Moran, and to allow Moran to take care of him for everyone's sake. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
18 May 1943
CHAR 2/468A/29-30

Letter from Dorothy, Lady Moran [earlier Dorothy, Lady Wilson] (The Garden Cottage, Harefield, Middlesex) to WSC, writing that 1st Lord Moran [earlier Sir Charles Wilson] had "taken a bad knock" as Macmillan and Company had refused to publish his book [?" The Anatomy of Courage"]. Lady Moran asks WSC to advise Moran, explaining that he had begun writing after the outbreak of war, when he found that his qualities as a judge of men and a gifted administrator were not being used. She adds that WSC had written books when his qualities were not being recognised either, so should be able to understand what Moran had felt. Lady Moran also explains that many men in the Armed Forces had pressed Moran to publish the lectures which he had given at the Staff College and various commands before the war, as nothing had been written on the subject before, and such a book was badly needed. Lady Moran adds that she could not really help her husband, being so far away, but could not bear him to be disappointed. She explains that she was writing directly to WSC as Moran would suppress the letter if he saw it, thinking that WSC had worries enough of his own. She ends by saying that she knows WSC could advise Moran, and that she would be comforted beyond words if she felt that Moran could talk to WSC about his troubles, asking WSC to help them both. Signed manuscript.

2 folios
10 Dec 1943