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CHAR 2/42 Public and Political: General: Budget, Taxation, House of Lords etc.: Notes and papers.

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CHAR 2/42/1

Report of the dissolution of the Budget League and a description of its activities. Typescript.

[29 Apr 1910]
CHAR 2/42/2

Resolution dissolving the Budget League as a result of the passing of the Finance Bill into law. Typescript.

29 Apr 1910
CHAR 2/42/3

General summary of the accounts [of the Budget League]. Annotated typescript.

CHAR 2/42/4

Account of the treasurer [of the Budget League]. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/5

Account of the secretary [of the Budget League].

CHAR 2/42/6

Dinner account of the Budget League. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/7

Office account [of the Budget League]. Typescript. Annotated by WSC: "remind me to write to Wylie".

CHAR 2/42/8-9

Letter from [WSC] (Board of Trade) to [David Lloyd George] advising him not to mention too many specific projects when describing how the proceeds from his proposed Development Fund are to be spent. Typescript copy.

Apr 1909
CHAR 2/42/10

Letter from Otto Ernst Niemeyer (Treasury) to Edward Marsh enclosing and commenting on notes on taxes levied by the Empire and the Federal States in Germany [see CHAR 2/42/11-12].

01 May 1909
CHAR 2/42/11-12

Notes by Otto Ernst Niemeyer on taxes levied by the Empire and the Federal States in Germany. Sent with CHAR 2/42/10.

01 May 1909
CHAR 2/42/13-18

Address by the chairman and agenda of the meeting of Liberal MPs held to appoint a committee to conduct a campaign in support of the Budget. Typescript annotated by WSC: "Budget League. These are the notes of the Chief Whip &shd be kept among our general papers".

23 Jun 1909
CHAR 2/42/19

Letter from John Horsfall (Hayfield, Crosshills, near Keighley [Yorkshire]) to WSC (as Chairman of the Budget League) approving the work of the League and enclosing a donation to its campaign fund [not present].

25 Aug 1909
CHAR 2/42/20-24

Letter from [WSC] to Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith criticising Smith's suggestion that the House of Commons should be empowered to ignore the opinion of the House of Lords on a bill but that the Lords should be able to suspend the Royal Assent until after a general election has returned a House of Commons not unfavourable to the measure. Typescript copy.

18 Nov 1909
CHAR 2/42/25

Letter from Joseph Pease (12 Downing Street) to WSC urging that the money advanced from Liberal Party central funds to the Budget League should be repaid. Signed typescript.

25 Nov 1909
CHAR 2/42/26

Part of a Cabinet memorandum by WSC on the need for the Government to go into the forthcoming general election with the full confidence of its supporters. Draft in WSC's hand. This is the first paragraph of the document which continues as CHAR 2/42/32-34.

CHAR 2/42/27-28

Notes (on the notepaper of the Hotel Bristol, Paris [France]) on the placing of government contracts with foreign firms. In WSC's hand.

CHAR 2/42/29-31

Report of the answers given by Liberal back-benchers to questions put by the editor of the Daily Chronicle about whether they would support measures for the payment of MPs and of official election expenses, for the reversal of the Osborne Judgement as advocated by the Trades Union Congress, and for the restoration to Trade Unions of most of the powers they exercised before the Osborne Judgement.

CHAR 2/42/32-34

Part of a Cabinet memorandum by WSC on the courses open to the Government for the passing of the Budget and for reform of the House of Lords Notes, arguing that the issue of reform of the House of Lords is more important than the Budget. Draft partly in WSC's hand. The first paragraph of this document is at CHAR 2/42/26. Folio 34 forms paragraphs 5 to 8 of the published version.

[Jan 1910]
CHAR 2/42/35

Memorandum from WSC (Board of Trade) to the Prime Minister [Herbert Asquith, later Lord Oxford and Asquith] on the unnecessary difference between the Government and its supporters over whether the passing of the Budget or the ending of the House of Lords' veto should be tackled first. Draft in WSC's hand.

18 Feb [1910]
CHAR 2/42/36-37

Notes, in the form of questions by WSC and answers by ? on the possibility of holding a referendum on the House of Lords' veto.

CHAR 2/42/38

Notes on a speech in the House of Commons asserting that the Government should, if necessary, compromise over the details of the Budget but should put forward a radical policy on the House of Lords.

CHAR 2/42/39-44

Notes on the reduction of tea duty and sugar duty and the miners' eight hour day as much surer means of improving the condition of workers than a protective duty.

CHAR 2/42/45-49

Answer by Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith to WSC's criticisms of Smith's suggestions for the reform of the relations between the House of Commons and the House of Lords [see CHAR 2/42/20-24 and CHAR 2/42/50-51]. Annotated typescript.

[Nov 1909]
CHAR 2/42/50-51

Notes [by Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith] on reform of the relations between the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

[Nov 1909]
CHAR 2/42/52-63

Extracts from various speeches made by WSC in 1909 and 1910 on the intention of the Liberals to end the veto of the House of Lords if returned at the general election. Annotated typescript.

CHAR 2/42/64-65

Note (on Treasury paper) of the raising of rents on workmens' houses following the abolition of the toll on Waterloo Bridge [London].

CHAR 2/42/66-78

Part of a speech to a committee of the House of Commons on unemployment insurance and government meausures to encourage agriculture. Typescript annotated by WSC.

CHAR 2/42/79

Printed circular on the administration of out-door relief from the secretary of the Local Government Board to Boards of Guardians. 8p.

18 Mar 1910
CHAR 2/42/80

Printed proposals on town and village development, housing and sanitation by the chairman of the National Housing Reform Council. 8p.

CHAR 2/42/81

Table showing the changes in prices of stocks and shares between April and September 1909.

CHAR 2/42/82

Printed table with manuscript additions showing the revenues derived from indirect and direct taxation and the amount of tax revenue per head of population from 1874/5 to 1909/10.

CHAR 2/42/83

Table showing present and proposed rates of duties on licences taken out by grocers. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/84

The "Free Trader", first campaign number. Printed. 32p.

15 Dec 1909
CHAR 2/42/85

Note on the taxation of land values.

CHAR 2/42/86

Part of a memorandum on duties on manufactured imports in France and Germany. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/87

Table showing the difference between government revenue and expenditure in the United States between 1902 and 1909.

CHAR 2/42/88

Extract from the speech of Lord Chatham on 15 January 1766 asserting the sole right of the Houe of Commons to grant taxation. Typescript with manuscript heading.

CHAR 2/42/89

"The out of work and old age pensions considered. A simple solution." Manuscript copy of a pamphlet.

CHAR 2/42/90

Fiscal policy of international trade. Return to an order of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 11 November 1908;-for, copy "of memorandum by Mr. Alfred Marshall on the fiscal policy of international trade." Printed. 29, [1p].

CHAR 2/42/91

Extract from a speech in the House of Commons by Sir Edward Grey [later Lord Grey of Fallodon] on 6 May 1901 justifying retaliation against unfair duties on British goods. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/92-93

Extract from "The meaning of money" by Hartley Withers on the mutual benefits arising from the employment of British capital and credit in the development of other countries' economies. Typescript.

CHAR 2/42/94

Note by Sir Robert Chalmers [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] on the relief recently granted by the Government to payers of income tax. Typescript and manuscript.

12 Jul 1909
CHAR 2/42/95

"Le rapprochement Franco-Allemand condition de la paix du monde": proof sheets of a speech of 28 April 1909 by M D'Estournelles de Constant, member of the French Senate, in the Upper House in Berlin [Germany]. Addressed to WSC in D'Estournelles de Constant's hand, 7 May 1909 15 sheets.

CHAR 2/42/96

Memorandum by Sir George Murray [Permanent Secretary to the Treasury] on the devotion of funds from the Fixed Debt Charge to the reduction of the National Debt. Typescript.

27 Mar [1909]
CHAR 2/42/97-102

Memorandum by Sir George Murray [Permanent Secretary to the Treasury] on the National Debt and the Sinking Fund. Annotated typescript.

12 Mar [1909]