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CHAR 2/4 Public and Political: General: Army: Notes and memoranda.

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CHAR 2/4/1-8

Memorandum by General Sir William Nicholson [later Lord Nicholson], War Office, Remarks on [WSC's] draft proposal for reducing the expenditure of the Army without weakening British garrisons abroad [typescript, with ms annotations by WSC, a copy of WSC's memorandum is at CHAR 2/4/61-80].

24 Jan 1903
CHAR 2/4/9-25

Letter from Leo Amery to WSC, enclosing memorandum on Army reform, covering the need for a Chief of Staff Department, Intelligence, Strategic Disposition, and the Recruiting question.

26 Jan 1903
CHAR 2/4/26-34

Letter from Sir Murland Evans to WSC, enclosing memorandum from Lt.-Col. John W. Reid, Officer Commanding 3rd Middlesex R.G.A. Volunteers, on the problems affecting the Volunteer Forces.

02 Feb 1903
CHAR 2/4/35-45

Letter from Captain R. Temperley, 3rd Volunteer Btn, Northumberland Fusiliers, enclosing notes on Volunteer reform and its relation to the reduction of Military expenditure, and the co-ordination of naval and military forces.

22 Feb 1903
CHAR 2/4/46-47

Letter from H.A.J. Power to WSC, enclosing pamphlet His Majesty's Forces Compensation Fund, by H.A.J. Power and H.F. Mason.

13 Jun 1903
CHAR 2/4/48-56

Letter from Captain Fred Hughes to WSC, on rise in standard of examination for promotion, enclosing examination paper for Captains and Lieutenants on Administration, Organisation and Equipment (May 1905).

01 Jul [1905]
CHAR 2/4/57-58

Summary of The Speech of the Secretary of State for War [Hugh Arnold-Forster] with Regard to the Re-organisation of the Army [White Paper, Cmd.1907], with ms notes by WSC].

14 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/4/59

Statement showing the financial effect of certain reductions in, and additions to, the Army, proposed by the Secretary of State for War [Hugh Arnold-Forster] White Paper, Cmd.1911.

02 Aug 1904
CHAR 2/4/60

Copy of circular letter [from War Office] to General Officers Commanding-in-Chief [on fitness for service of Volunteer Forces] [White Paper Cmd.2437].

20 Jun 1905
CHAR 2/4/61-80

Memorandum by WSC, Proposal for reducing the expenditure upon the Army, without weakening British garrisons abroad, and for providing a force immediately available for minor emergencies without calling up the reserves Draft, carbon copy. 2 sets of duplicates for folios 61 - 73 at CHAR 2/4/171 - 196.

CHAR 2/4/81-101

"Rough notes" by WSC on the Army Question, outlining the kind of scheme he would like to see set up typescript, with ms annotations by WSC.

CHAR 2/4/102-144

Memorandum by WSC on compulsory military service [manuscript] Set of duplicates at CHAR 2/4/197 - 206.

CHAR 2/4/145-147

Notes on the Yeomanry by WSC [ms, incomplete].

CHAR 2/4/148

Extract from Etudes sur la guerre civile dans le nord de l'Ispeque de 1872 a 1876 by Lt.-Gen. O. Pedro Ruiz Dana ms, in WSC's hand.

CHAR 2/4/149-153

Notes by WSC on the new Volunteer Regulations [ms].

CHAR 2/4/154

Comparison between WSC and Leo Amery's schemes for Army reform.

CHAR 2/4/155

Notes by WSC on the cost of the Army.

CHAR 2/4/156-157

Notes by WSC on the size of the Army.

CHAR 2/4/158

Pamphlet demanding reconsideration of the case of General Sir Redvers Buller.

CHAR 2/4/159

Cutting - extract from speech by George Wyndham on military reform.

23 Apr 1902
CHAR 2/4/160

Cutting from the Military Mail, article The Unjust Treatment of the Militia.

08 May 1903
CHAR 2/4/161

Cutting from the Newcastle Weekly [ ], essays on the Volunteer Force and how to improve it by A. Douglas Currie, A. Henderson and G.P. Denton.

28 Feb 1903
CHAR 2/4/162-163

Cutting from The Spectator, article Shall the Militia Be Abolished?.

09 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/4/164-165

Notes on Lord Esher's scheme for Army reform.

CHAR 2/4/171-196

2 sets of duplicates for CHAR 2/4/61 - 73.

26 folios
CHAR 2/4/197-206

Duplicates for CHAR 2/4/117 - 126.

10 folios