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CHAR 2/394 Public and Political: General: Personal Office correspondence, E-G, many praising WSC's speeches and leadership.

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CHAR 2/394/54-55

Letter from Major-General Bernard Freyberg [General Officer Commanding New Zealand Forces] (written at sea) to WSC, regretting that he could not dine with WSC on 5th January, but had already left on his way back to New Zealand, and was now with the First Echelon 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, a day from Sydney [Australia]. Freyberg gives his impressions of New Zealand: in particular, they had not had a good response to the call for recruits, due to various causes, but he hoped that the movement of the First Echelon overseas, together with an intensive recruitment campaign would improve matters. Freyberg also comments on the unstable political situation, noting that if anything happened to the Prime Minister Michael Savage, who was very ill, there could be a left-wing revolt in the Government, bringing about a National Government. Freyberg adds that WSC must already know about their future plans, so he would not talk about them, and this was just a letter of friendship; he was particularly glad that WSC had talked to the Deputy Prime Minister, Peter Fraser, as WSC's remarks to Fraser had not been wasted, but had been quoted frequently to Freyberg's credit. In a postscript, Freyberg describes his convoy as a grand sight, and how his men felt that they were making history. Signed typescript.

2 folios
08 Jan 1940
CHAR 2/394/58

Letter from Major-General Bernard Freyberg [General Officer Commanding New Zealand Forces] (Mytchett Place, Aldershot [Hampshire]) to WSC, letting him know that he had just flown back from Egypt and was fitting his force out for action. He describes his men as being in great heart, and looks forwards to dealing with the Germans if they should come. Freyberg states that they were working day and night, "everybody on top of the wave", and says that he would stay for the battle, then fly back to Egypt. He asks after WSC's health, and tells him to look after himself, as he was the most important man in the civilised world. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
03 Jul 1940
CHAR 2/394/59

Telegram from Major-General Bernard Freyberg, General Officer Commanding New Zealand Forces (Cairo [Egypt]) to WSC, stating that all their hopes were centred on him, and adjuring him to take care of himself, as he was vital to the cause. Freyberg sends good wishes and congratulations from all ranks of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

Typescript copy, annotated by Kathleen Hill [Private Secretary to WSC] with a message saying that the New Zealand High Commissioner in London [William Jordan] would like a copy, if WSC sent a reply.

1 folio
Nov 1940