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CHAR 2/38 Public and Political: General: Notes, printed papers and correspondence.

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CHAR 2/38/1

Cutting: report on mining shares and other financial news.

11 Jan 1908
CHAR 2/38/2-3

Letter from T C Horsfall (Swanscoe Park, near Macclesfield, [Cheshire]) to WSC on the powers of beugermeisters in Germany and the possibility of introducing a system of paid mayors into Britain. Advocates the formation of the municipal and local civil service into one large body. Encloses his paper on The Government of Manchester [see CHAR 2/38/4]. Signed and annotated typescript.

18 Feb 1908
CHAR 2/38/4

The Government of Manchester. By T C Horsfall. A paper read to the Manchester Statistical Society, November 13th, 1895, with additions. Advocates a system of permanent professional mayors. Sent with CHAR 2/38/2-3 46p.

CHAR 2/38/5-6

Letter from Reginald McKenna (Board of Education) to WSC (12 Bolton Street) responding to remarks made by William Joynson-Hicks [later Lord Brentford] about the funding of a particular Jewish school and discussing in general the government grant made to voluntary schools. Signed and annotated typescript.

02 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/7

Letter from Sidney Webb [later Lord Passfield] (41 Grosvenor Road, Westminster Embankment, [London]) returning and commenting on Arthur Witley's letter to WSC on Socialism and Radicalism [see CHAR 2/38/8-12].

13 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/8-12

Letter from Arthur Witley (13 Westbourne Road, Huddersfield, [Yorkshire]) to WSC (House of Commons) regretting that WSC's recent letter in the Nation "betrays a tendency towards State Socialism". Gives his view of the distinction between a Radical and a Socialist and follows Henry George in advocating a system of taxation which distinguishes between value created by the community and that created by the individual, and the nationalisation of "all natural monopolies" such as transport services and utilities. Points to experience in New South Wales [Australia] and New Zealand to show that the taxation of land values rather than the setting of a minimum wage and working conditions is the answer to unemployment and poverty. Signed and annotated typescript.

10 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/13

Letter from Lady Katharine Lyttelton (107 Eaton Square, [London]) to WSC enclosing a letter from Charles Lane Sansom [see CHAR 2/38/14] and asking WSC to ask John Burns about a post for Sansom under the Local Government Board. Refers obliquely to the marriage of her daughter Lucy to Charles Masterman.

15 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/14

Letter from Charles Lane Sansom (Volunteer Headquarters, Johannesburg, [South Africa]) to Lady Katharine Lyttelton reporting his dismissal from the local civil service and expressing the wish to obtain an inspectorship under the Local Government Board or an inspectorship of reformatories. Describes how English civil servants in South Africa are being replaced by Boers and how Lord Selborne is unable to prevent this. Sent with CHAR 2/38/13.

24 Feb 1908
CHAR 2/38/15-17

Letter from J W S Callie, secretary of the Financial Reform Association (18 Hackins Hey, Liverpool) to Eliot Crawshay Williams enclosing copies of the Financial Reformer [see CHAR 2/38/18-19] and describing the history and policy of the Association. Refers to the Association's efforts to exclude suffragettes from the forthcoming meeting in Kensington, [London]. Signed typescript.

16 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/18

The Financial Reformer (organ of the Financial Reform Association) Sent with CHAR 2/38/15-17 [2, 193-208, [2]p].

Nov 1898-Dec 1898
CHAR 2/38/19

The Financial Reformer (organ of the Financial Reform Association) Sent with CHAR 2/38/15-17 [2, 177-192, [2]p].

Sep 1898-Oct 1898
CHAR 2/38/20

Letter from J W S Callie, secretary of the Financial Reform Association (18 Hackins Hey, Liverpool) to Eliot Crawshay- Williams assuring him that E K Muspratt, the Association's president, does not intend to make a long speech at the forthcoming meeting to be addressed by WSC. Signed typescript.

19 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/21

Letter from Joseph McKenna (41 Aldby Street, Cleator Moor, Cumberland) to [WSC] asking for assistance in the name of his father (also Joseph), who helped WSC at Witbank Colliery, South Africa. Annotated "?what" by Eliot Crawshay-Williams, 31 Mar 1908.

26 Mar [1908]
CHAR 2/38/22

Letter from F W Giddens, private secretary to the Canadian Deputy Minsister of Labour (Queen Anne's Mansions, St James's Park, [London]) to Edward Marsh (Colonial Office) enclosing the Canadian Industrial Disputes Investigation Act and a related return to Parliament [see CHAR 2/38/23-24]. Signed typescript.

20 Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/23

The Canadian Industrial Disputes Investigation Act (6-7 Edward VII, chap. 20) Sent with CHAR 2/38/22 15,[1p].

Mar 1907
CHAR 2/38/24

Copy of return to Parliament relating to the [Canadian] Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, 1907, showing the proceedings under the Act from March 22, 1907, to January 15, 1908 Sent with CHAR 2/38/22 14p.

CHAR 2/38/25

Letter from Joseph McKenna (41 Aldby Street, Cleator Moor, Cumberland) to [WSC] requesting an interveiw. Annotated by Edward Marsh to Eliot Crawshay-Williams, 8 Apr [1908: "I have refused interview. Who is he?"].

06 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/26-28

Letter from Arthur Witley (13 Westborne Road, Huddersfield, [Yorkshire]) to WSC (House of Commons) advocating the taxation of land values, which he sees as a pre-requisite for Free Trade, and attacking taxation of capital and the earnings derived from it. Describes the good economic effects of the taxation of land values in New Zealand and New South Wales [Australia] and urges the Government to take on the House of Lords by including such taxation in the Budget. Signed typescript.

07 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/29

Letter from Walter Jackson (St Eval, St Issey, Cornwall) to [WSC] on his application for an appointment at St Helens [Lancashire]. Advises WSC that his re-election for North- West Manchester is entirely dependent on the Education Bill.

08 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/30

Notes by Eliot Crawshay-Williams, ? Harris and Frederick Guest on the acknowledgement of a letter.

10 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/31

Letter from J Napier Spence (5 Bangholm Terrace, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, [Scotland]) to WSC congratulating him on his appointment as President of the Board of Trade and asking to be considered for any post in which his experience as a manufacturing chemist would be useful. Annotated by WSC, 30 Apr [1908: "Will bear in mind but fears nothing vy likely to turn up"].

13 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/32

Letter from F E A Graham (Kintore, Tower Road, St Leonard's-on-Sea, [Sussex]) to WSC enclosing his pamphlet The Free Trade Delusion [see CHAR 2/38/33] and outlining his case against Free Trade.

23 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/33

Phamplet entitled "The Free Trade Delusion, being part of the series Some writing on the wall by "Akaroa" (F E A Graham). Sent with CHAR 2/38/32 11,[1p].

01 Jan 1908
CHAR 2/38/34-35

Letter from Arthur Lawrence, director of the Globe Press (35 Surrey Street, Strand, [London]) to WSC inviting him to join the committee of a planned club for enhancing "the social amenities between English and Americans." Expresses disappointment at WSC's defeat in the [North-West Manchester] by-election and endorses his remarks during the campaign about certain newspapers. Signed typescript. Annotated: "politely declined". Illustration of the Globe Press premises in letter-head.

27 Apr 1908
CHAR 2/38/36

Resolution of a meeting of inhabitants of Nantyglo in Monmouthshire [Wales] in favour of the Licensing Bill. Signed by J L Jones, chairman, and Herbert Williams, honorary secretary (77 High Street, Blaina, Monmouthshire) Copy with original signatures.

05 May 1908
CHAR 2/38/37

Letter from Harry C Grimwade (14 Westhall Road, Bath, [Somerset]) to WSC enclosing a report of the speech of William Joynson-Hicks [later Lord Brentford] on Chinese labour in South Africa [see CHAR 2/38/37a] and offering to publish WSC's reply. Annotated by WSC, 20 Apr [1908: "Thanked - but hardly worth refutation"].

16 May 1908
CHAR 2/38/37a

Cutting: part of a speech in Bath [Somerset] [by William Joynson-Hicks, later Lord Brentford] attacking Government policy on Chinese labour in South Africa. Sent with CHAR 2/38/37 2 papers.

[May 1908]
CHAR 2/38/38

Letter from Sir Samuel Evans, Solicitor General, to WSC introducing Alec S Waley and asking WSC to give him an interview.

03 Nov 1908
CHAR 2/38/39

Card from Alec S Waley (Claridge's, [London]) to WSC referring to his letter of introduction from Sir Samuel Evans [see CHAR 2/38/38] and asking for an interview.

04 Nov 1908
CHAR 2/38/40-41

Letter from J E Evans-Jackson, honorary secretary of the Imperial Industries Club (Bristol House, Holborn Viaduct, London), to Edward Marsh disassociating the Club from a statement by W Collison that WSC had shied away from discussing the question of conciliation at a Club meeting. Signed typescript. Annotated that WSC has exonerated the Club, 14 Nov [1908].

12 Nov 1908
CHAR 2/38/42

Letter from Canon John Richardson (St Augustine's, York Street, C-on-M, Manchester) to WSC complaining of the "complete hash" made of school finance by the Board of Education and enclosing a related statistical statement [see CHAR 2/38/43]. Sent back with CHAR 2/38/56.

06 Dec 1908
CHAR 2/38/43

Printed statistical statement showing the deficit between the expenditure of Roman Catholic schools in Manchester, Salford, Bolton [both Lancashire] and elsewhere and the proposed Government grant under the Education Bill. Compiled and annotated [by a Mr O'Dea]. Sent with CHAR 2/38/42. See also CHAR 2/38/50.

Mar 1908
CHAR 2/38/44

Printed circular from the 9th Duke of Argyll, 5th Lord Lansdowne, 16th Lord Derby, Lord Aberdeen and 4th Lord Minto (addressed to WSC at 12 Bolton Street) inviting him to join a committee to organise the collection of funds for a gift from Britain to Canada as a memorial to Wolfe and Montcalm.

CHAR 2/38/45-46

Notes on the provisions of the 1907 Patents Act against "obstructive" patents.

[c 1908]
CHAR 2/38/47

Notes on the consideration of measures in 1892-95 to limit the working day in the mining industry to 8 hours.

[c 1908]
CHAR 2/38/48-49

Extract from a speech in the House of Lords by the 8th Duke of Devonshire warning that whereas an alteration to the current system of Free Trade might benefit "the higher ranks of labour" it might produce starvation among those lower down the social scale. Typescript.

15 Jun 1903
CHAR 2/38/50

Notes [by a Board of Education statistician] criticising figures on the expenditure of Roman Catholic schools compiled by a Mr O'Dea [see CHAR 2/28/43].

[Dec 1908]
CHAR 2/38/51-55

Notes [by a Mr O'Dea] attacking the financial provision for Roman Catholic schools in the Education Bill. Annotated with refutations by [a Board of Education statistician]. Sent back with CHAR 2/38/56.

CHAR 2/38/56-57

Letter from Sir Robert Morant (Board of Education) to WSC thanking him for the letter from Canon John Richardson [see CHAR 2/38/43] and refuting the attacks by a Mr O'Dea on the financial provision for Roman Catholic schools in the Education Bill [see CHAR 2/38/51-55].

18 Dec 1908
CHAR 2/38/58

Page from the Gloucester Journal: speech by Herbert Asquith [later Lord Oxford and Asquith] at the National Liberal Club attacking the power of the House of Lords with special reference to the Education Bill and the Licensing Bill and the reply of Lord St Aldwyn [earlier Sir Michael Hicks Beach] at Gloucester.

19 Dec 1908
CHAR 2/38/59

Notes by WSC on sweated trades, [possibly for his speech to the Leicester Chamber of Commerce of 14 Jan 1909].

[Dec 1909]
CHAR 2/38/60

The parliamentary debates, no. 8, vol. clxxxiv (21 February 1908), including debate on the Sweated Industries Bill with some passages underlined.