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CHAR 2/355 Public and Political: General: Press cuttings etc.

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CHAR 2/355/40

Cutting from the [Edinb]urgh Post-Gazette of a cartoon depicting Hitler's Czech Barber Shop" showing Adolf Hilter after cutting off the mane of [Neville] Chamberlain's British lion. The lion is seated in the barber's chair looking horrified at his reflection in the mirror.

Newspaper cutting annotated with a note "Show Mrs Churchill [CSC]". Keep"

1 folio
05 Oct 1938
CHAR 2/355/42

Cartoon by Shoemaker showing three scenes: Neville Chamberlain [Prime Minister] rushing to feed a bowl of food labelled 'Czechs' to a roaring Nazi tiger; the tiger sleeping as Chamberlain walks away mopping his brow with bouquets of flowers are thrown to him; and finally the Nazi tiger roaring at a shocked Chamberlain for more food. Newspaper cutting.

1 folio
12 [Oct] 1938