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CHAR 2/35 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/35/1

Letter from WSC (Board of Trade) to Lord Morley [earlier John Morley] regretting an apparent disagreement between them over the circulation to WSC of documents relating to the report of the Committee of Imperial Defence sub-committee on the North-West Frontier of India. Copy in the hand of Edward Marsh.

02 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/2-3

Letter from Lord Morley [earlier John Morley] (India Office) to WSC denying that he doubted WSC's discretion about public documents and asserting that he had no objection to WSC's seeing evidence taken by the Committee of Imperial Defence sub-committee on the North-West Frontier of India.

02 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/4

Letter from WSC (Board of Trade) to [Lord Morley, earlier John Morley] expressing relief that the misunderstanding between them [over the circulation to WSC of the evidence taken by the Imperial Defence sub-committee on the North-West Frontier of India] has been cleared up and explaining his attitude to the sub-committee's report. Copy in the hand of Edward Marsh.

[Jul 1908]
CHAR 2/35/5-6

Memorandum by WSC (Board of Trade) to Lord Crewe on Lord Selborne's telegram about the placing of the native protectorates in South Africa under the Federal Parliament. Typescript.

08 Jul [1908]
CHAR 2/35/7

Letter from Richard Haldane [later Lord Haldane] (War Office) to WSC complaining about a leak in that day's Times. Annotated with WSC's reply in Edward Marsh's hand sympathising with Haldane and expressing confidence in him.

13 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/8

Letter from Rosalind Carlisle (1 Palace Green, Kensington, [London]) praising his recent speech in Hyde Park [London] on the Licensing Bill and asking for a meeting.

27 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/9

Letter from Rosalind Carlisle (1 Palace Green, Kensington, [London]) stating that she cannot see WSC at the suggested time as she is involved with a meeting with the Liberal Women's Suffrage Committee of MPs.

28 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/10-11

Typescript copy of CHAR 2/35/12-13.

13 Aug 1908
CHAR 2/35/12-13

Letter from ? Paul Schoeberg (W.Behren-Strasse 62, [Berlin, Germany]) to WSC on: the copy of the life of Lord Randolph Churchill which WSC sent him; the current slowness of business being blamed by many people in England on free trade in Germany; the unpopularity in Turkey of the Dette Publique and the Regie des Tabacs and what the attitude of the "Powers" should be to this issue; Schoeberg's forthcoming trip to see the Baghdad Railway [Iraq]. Typescript copy of this letter at CHAR 2/35/10-11.

13 Aug 1908
CHAR 2/35/14

Letter from F Oswald Mouler (Woodview, Ipswich, [Suffolk]; notepaper of the Royal Mail Steamship Etruria) to [WSC] accusing him of being a traitor [to the British colonists in South Africa].

15 Aug 1908
CHAR 2/35/15

Cutting from the Daily Express: extracts from a letter from a British official in the Standard Bank in Cape Colony complaining of the British Government's betrayal of the British colonists in South Africa and naming WSC in this connection. Probably sent with CHAR 2/35/14.

14 Aug 1908
CHAR 2/35/16

Letter from Herbert Vivian (The Pleasaunce, Woking, [Surrey]) to WSC enclosing a letter from his father-in- law, Frederick Walton [see CHAR 2/35/17], in connection with Vivian's application for an exequatur from the Foreign Office on his appointment as Montenegrin Consul in London. Explains that the matter stemmed from a Bulgarian officer not having paid the sum due to Vivian after a game of baccarat in Sofia. Mentions that a exequatur was given to an undischarged bankrupt who is now the Consul-General in London for the Serbian regicides.

07 Sep 1908
CHAR 2/35/17

Letter from Frederick Walton (Berkeley House, Berkeley Square, [London]) to WSC testifying to the solvency and integrity of his son-in-law, Herbert Vivian, in connection with Vivian's application for an exequatur from the Foreign Office on his appointment as Montenegrin Consul in London. Sent with CHAR 2/35/16.

08 Sep 1908
CHAR 2/35/18

Envelope addressed to WSC at the Board of Trade [by Frederick Walton].

[Sep 1908]
CHAR 2/35/19-20

Letter from WSC (Board of Trade) to the 12th Lord Dundonald denying that speeches by him and David Lloyd George in the House of Commons could have prevented Dundonald from obtaining a high-ranking army post. Copy in the hand of Annette Anning.

09 Sep 1908
CHAR 2/35/21

Letter from WSC (Board of Trade) to a newspaper editor demanding to know on what authority a false report of his having received a friendly letter from the Prime Minister [Herbert Asquith, later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith] was made. Copy in the hand of Annette Anning.

11 Sep 1908
CHAR 2/35/22

Letter from Edward Marsh (Board of Trade) to Theo Russell asking him to act on WSC's wish that a personal request be made to the Foreign Office for an exequatur for Herbert Vivian [on his appointment as Montenegrin Consul in London] Endorsed with Russell's reply that nothing can be done until the Montenegrin government suggest Vivian as Consul, 21 Sep 1908, and WSC's instruction to point this out to Vivian.

18 Sep [1908]
CHAR 2/35/23

Letter from D Bennett (109 Norse Road, Scotstoun, Glasgow, [Scotland]) to Edward Marsh on: the terms of Bennett's re- engagement in a government post; his intention of bringing some elephant's tasks to a sale in London; the sending of a motorcycle to the governor of Uganda [Africa]. Asks Marsh for advice as to how a friend of his who is a head foreman blacksmith at Beardmore's shipyard can become an inspector of forgings for "Llyod's [?LLoyd's].

05 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/24

Letter from Marie Corelli (Mason Croft, Stratford-on-Avon, [Warwickshire]) to WSC referring to his recent speech in Hyde Park [London] on the Licensing Bill and mentioning her new book on the drink problem, Holy Orders. States that she is not a suffragette.

27 Jul 1908
CHAR 2/35/25-26

Letter from Charles Masterman (Local Government Board) to WSC referring to "a situation of singular difficulty" which they will discuss when they meet and passing on a request from the Liberals in his West Ham constituency [London] that WSC address a meeting there.

06 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/27

Letter from Jesse Herbert (Liberal Central Association, 41 Parliament Street, London) to Mr Clark stating that George Renwick did not put forward Tariff Reform as a complete remedy for unemployment in his election address in Newcastle-on-Tyne and enclosing a leaflet on the leading Tariff Reformers' views on the subject [see CHAR 2/35/28].

07 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/28

Leaflet published by the Liberal Publication Department showing that the leading Tariff Reformers have discarded their promise that Tariff Reform would lead to full employment. Sent with CHAR 2/35/27.

18 Jun 1908
CHAR 2/35/29

Letter from Jesse Herbert (41 Parliament Street, London) to Edward Marsh on the Conservatives' losses and gains of seats since the General Election. A typescript copy of this letter at CHAR 2/35/35.

07 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/30

Letter from Herbert Samuel (Bedford Hotel, Brighton, [Sussex]) to WSC praising his speech of the previous night on unemployment and arguing for a comprehensive state system to deal with the problem, including technical training to correct the imbalance between skilled and unskilled labour caused by mechanisation.

10 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/31

Letter from WSC (Board of Trade) to Edgar Harper [statistical officer to the London County Council] asking for responses to the argument that the special taxation of fixed charges like ground rents and mining royalties is invidious. Typescript copy.

10 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/32-34

Analysis by Jesse Herbert (Liberal Central Association, 41 Parliament Street, London) of by-election results since 1906. Typescript with manuscript covering note.

09 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/35

Typescript copy of CHAR 2/35/29.

07 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/36-37

Letter from J A Spender (45 Sloane Street, London) to WSC warning against the Government building up too high a sense of expectation about its measures against unemployment.

12 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/38

Letter from H E Cashmore (Liberal Club, Birmingham) to WSC asking him to send the design of his crest or monogram for an enamel wedding present to be presented to him by the Club. Signed typescript.

13 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/39-40

Letter from Charles Masterman (House of Commons) to WSC asking to talk to him before the meeting of the Unemployment Commitee and asserting that unemployment is the main current issue. Advocates the introduction of a bill allowing local authorities to fund relief work for the unemployed.

14 Oct [1908]
CHAR 2/35/41-42

Letter from ?(Treasury Chambers) to Edward Marsh returning and commenting on a letter to WSC (which he has shown to David Lloyd George) on a case of an old age pension being reduced because the applicant was receiving free board and lodgings [see CHAR 2/35/43].

24 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/43

Letter from J Clarkson (Hook Norton, Banbury, [Oxfordshire]) to WSC complaining of the reduction of his father-in-law's old age pension because he is receiving free board and lodgings. Sent with CHAR 2/35/41-42.

16 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/44-48

Letter from Edgar Harper [statistical officer of the London County Council] (County Hall, Spring Gardens, [London]) to WSC considering the question of what kind of property should be taxed. Argues in favour of the equal taxation of all forms of land value and against the special taxation of particular forms such as mining royalties and ground rents. Signed typescript.

16 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/49

Letter from C Healy (Stort Lodge, Bishop's Stortford, [Hertfordshire]) to WSC asking whether he supports the policy of the United Kingdom Alliance, whose chief object is "'the total suppression of the liquor traffic'".

17 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/50

Letter from James E Platt (Ingmanthorpe Hall, Wetherby, [Yorkshire]) to WSC asking him to see the Prime Minister to support Platt's claim to a knighthood or a baronetcy. Annotated that WSC will consider what he can do.

19 Oct [1908]
CHAR 2/35/51-52

Letter from Sir Frederick Lugard [Governor of Hong Kong] (Government House, Hong Kong) to WSC congratulating him on his marriage and discussing the opium question in Hong Kong.

19 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/53

Letter from Edward Marsh (Board of Trade) to "Willie"[?] asking him to suggest an answer to a Mr Fitzgerald [an aggrieved retired Customs officer from Dublin, Ireland] who has got a "prominent Roman Catholic Eclesiastic [sic] to intercede for him", having earlier approached WSC.

27 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/54

Letter from Herbert Vivian (The Pleasaunce, Woking, [Surrey]) to WSC announcing that the Montenegrin government have proposed him (Vivian) as their consul and asking for help in his search for a parliamentary constituency. Suggests that he (Vivian) could give a lecture on unemployment.

27 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/55

Letter from Walter Scott (Colonial Office) to Edward Marsh on a map of Africa being published by the War Office.

28 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/56

Letter from William ? (Treasury Chambers) to ? Laurie enclosing a letter from a gentleman asking for help [not present].

28 Oct [1908]
CHAR 2/35/57

Letter from H S Lindsay (House of Commons) to Edward Marsh giving a list of men (Labour MPs and the secretary of the Federation of Trade Unions) whom Arthur Henderson [later Lord Rowley] has suggested be invited to a forthcoming meeting. Signed typescript annotated with further names.

30 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/58

Letter from Walter Jerred (Local Government Board) to WSC returning a letter forwarded to John Burns [President of the Local Government Board] [not present].

30 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/59-60

Letter from 2nd Lord Grimthorp [Ernest Beckett] (Cimbrone, Ravello, Gulf of Salerno, [Italy]) on his plan to present the people of Leeds [Yorkshire] with 40 acres of parkland, which is dependent on the sale of Kirkstall Grange to Leeds Corporation for a training college.

24 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/61

Letter from Laurence Guillemard (Board Room, Custom House) to "Bill" on the reduction in the salary of Mr Fitzgerald, an Examining Officer at Dublin [Ireland] who was retired as a result of his alcoholism. Initialled typescript. Sent with CHAR 2/36/2.

30 Oct 1908
CHAR 2/35/62-63

Letter from 1st Lord Northcliffe [earlier Sir Alfred Harmsworth] (Hotel St Regis, Fifth Avenue and Fifty Fifth Street, New York, [United States]) to WSC urging him to go on a speaking tour of Canada and describing the prospects of that country retaining its links with Britain as "touch and go". Signed typescript. Illustration of hotel in letter head.

31 Oct 1908