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CHAR 2/331 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/331/4

Letter from [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain [Prime Minister] (The Manor House, Great Durnford, Salisbury [Wiltshire]) to WSC, thanking him for his letter and for sending some papers [notes of an interview between WSC and a Major von Kleist, on Germany's intentions towards Czechoslovakia, with a letter given by WSC to von Kleist describing what Britain's reaction would be to an invasion of Czechoslovakia]. Chamberlain writes that he had actually already seen them, as 1st Lord Halifax [Foreign Secretary, earlier Edward Wood and Lord Irwin] had shown them to him, but hopes that WSC's letter would help. He also says that the latest information from Prague was rather more encouraging.

Chamberlain then says that he had had rather a poor sort of holiday so far, but had now recovered, and if only Central Europe would keep quiet, hoped to make up for lost time. Signed manuscript.

1 folio
26 Aug 1938