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CHAR 2/328 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/328/55

Letter from Major-General Bernard Freyberg (7 Clarendon Place, Hyde Park [London]) to WSC, thanking him for writing to 1st Lord Windlesham [Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party, earlier George Hennessy] in his support, and noting that it would be excellent for "face", especially when he came before committees. Freyberg adds that it was all good experience, and that he was learning how to do the "bidding business". He hopes that WSC's holiday had done him good, and that he was back ready for the fray, saying that if anything happened to WSC it would be a national catastrophe, as they didn't have any other leaders. Finally he thanks WSC again for writing, saying that it "was a kind act". Signed manuscript.

1 folio
22 Feb 1938