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CHAR 2/31 Public and Political: General: Papers, pamphlets and notes.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/31/1

Notes for a speech considering how the people can impress their opinion on the House of Lords other than by elections to the House of Commons. 1 envelope.

CHAR 2/31/2

Notes by "H W" on fixing a uniform fee for naturalization certificates throughout the Empire.

CHAR 2/31/3

Leaflets issued by the Liberal Publication Department, covering the budget of 1907, land reform and small holdings, registration of voters and Conservative proposals for Tariff Reform and the abolition of income tax. 6 items.

CHAR 2/31/4

Printed circular letter issued by the Financial Reform Association (18 Hackins Hey, Liverpool) on the raising of revenue by direct and indirect taxation.

25 Apr 1907
CHAR 2/31/5-8

"A note on procedure": recommendations for the improved parliamentary scrutiny of public spending proposals through an Estimates Committee. Typescript on Colonial Office paper.

CHAR 2/31/9

Immunity of private property at sea in time of war: printed confidential memorandum for the Cabinet by Lord Loreburn [the Lord Chancellor]. 8p. Annotated by WSC that a convention would not restrain a foreign fleet with the ability to intercept British goods and raw materials.

CHAR 2/31/10

Reports from His Majesty's representatives abroad respecting the composition and functions of the second or upper chamber in foreign states. Presented to the House of Commons by command of His Majesty, in pursuance of their address dated July 8, 1907 Printed. [2, 69,[1]p]. Filed with CHAR 2/31/13].

CHAR 2/31/11

London traffic: printed confidential memorandum for the Cabinet by David Lloyd George considering the means of dealing administratively with some of the problems identified in the report of the Royal Commission on the Means of Locomotion and Transport in Greater London. 5, [1p].

28 May 1907
CHAR 2/31/12

Naturalization: printed confidential memorandum for the Cabinet by Herbert Gladstone [later Lord Gladstone] stating his reasons for opposing the lowering of the naturalization fee. 2p.

29 Jul 1907
CHAR 2/31/13

Report of the inter-departmental committee appointed by the Home Secretary to consider the doubts and difficulties which have arisen in connexion with the interpretion and administration of the acts relating to naturalization. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty. [2, 148,[2]p].