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CHAR 2/274 Public and Political: General: Germany: Rearmament intelligence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/274/1-2

Copy of a letter from WSC to [Pierre] Flandin [Minister of State, France] marked "confidential" asking for French information about the present strength of the German Air Force, predicting 2,000 aircraft by the end of 1936, and asking for information about French expenditure on aviation services for use in debates in Parliament.

Carbon typescript. Unsigned.

2 folios
07 Mar 1936
CHAR 2/274/12-13

Copy of a letter from WSC to Eleanor Rathbone MP marked "private" enclosing a paper by Sir Henry Strakosch, explaining the basis for his figures for German expenditure [on rearmament], his use of confidential sources and his efforts "to find out the truth". He concludes "We really are in great danger."

Unsigned carbon typescript.

2 folios
13 Apr 1936