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CHAR 2/239 Public and Political: General: Various Papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/239/1

Article, "The Road to Recovery" by Sir Henry Strakosch, reprinted from "The Economist".

1 Printed pamphlet, pp.1-12
05 Jan 1935
CHAR 2/239/2-9

Printed letter from The Cinematograph Exhibitors Association of Great Britain and Ireland to The Prime Minister (Ramsay Macdonald) on cinema censorship.

8 folios
27 Feb 1935
CHAR 2/239/10-11

Printed letter from Sir Harry Prichard, Association of Municipal Corporations on the Housing Bill.

2 folios
09 Mar 1935
CHAR 2/239/12

Printed 1935 Civil Estimates.

1 folio
26 Feb 1935
CHAR 2/239/13

Printed paper by Rene Leon on Managed Currencies.

1 folio
11 Mar 1935
CHAR 2/239/14-18

Memorial from the National Consultative Council of the Retail Liquor Trade to the Chancellor of the Exchequer proposing the reduction of taxation affecting the trade [printed].

4 folios
14 Mar 1935
CHAR 2/239/19-48

Letter from Bernard Baruch, 597 Madison Avenue, New York to WSC, enclosing pamphlets: "Taking the Profit out of War a memorandum submitted to the Joint Congressional and Cabinet Commission" and the War Policies Commission, 1931 and his statement to the Senate Munitions Investigating Committee Chaired by Senator Gerald Nye, Apr 1935.

20 folios
13 Apr 1935
CHAR 2/239/49-50

Printed Budget Speech and Statement of Revenue and Expenditure by Neville Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Published by HMSO.

2 Printed pamphlets, pp.1-18 and 1-26
15 Apr 1935
CHAR 2/239/51

House of Commons Order Paper- listing motion by WSC, John Courtauld, Gwilym Lloyd George (later Lord Tenby), Sir Edward Grigg (later Lord Altrincham) Freddie Guest and Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes on Defence Co-ordination [printed].

1 folio
18 Apr 1935
CHAR 2/239/52

Printed pamphlet - "Translation of Adolf Hitler's speech to the German Reichstag".

1 Pamphlet - pp. 1-34
21 May 1935
CHAR 2/239/53-57

Memorandum [author unknown] on equal pay for women, with text House of Commons Resolutions on equal pay, 1920 and 1921.

5 folios
07 Jun 1935
CHAR 2/239/58

Printed pamphlet - Germany Re-Arming - A Study of the Actual Situation in Germany, issued by Friends of Europe, St Stephen's House, Westminster.

1 printed pamphlet, pp.1-12
Oct 1933
CHAR 2/239/59

Printed pamphlet - "The Military Preparedness of German Industry", issued by Friends of Europe, St Stephen's House, Westminster.

1 printed pamphlet, pp.1-24
Oct 1933
CHAR 2/239/60-66

Cuttting from The Belfast News-Letter Jubilee Supplement "Ireland During the King's Reign".

7 folios
04 May 1935