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CHAR 2/21 Public and Political: General: Press cuttings.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/21/1

Cutting: WSC's first politial speech to the Bath Primrose League [Somerset].

[Jul 1897]
CHAR 2/21/2

Issue of the "Free Trader".

08 Jan 1904
CHAR 2/21/3

Page from the Oldham Evening Chroncicle: articles on WSC's dispute with the Oldham Conservatives [Lancashire].

08 Jan 1904
CHAR 2/21/4-7

Cuttings from the Manchester Guardian and the Manchester Courier: debates on the Aliens Bill in the House of Commons Grand Committee on Law.

24 Jun 1904-05 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/21/8

Page from the Times: memorandum explaining Hugh Arnold-Forster's proposals for army reform.

16 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/21/9

The Times Financial and Commercial Supplement: marked article on the compulsory working of patents.

20 Feb 1905
CHAR 2/21/10

Cutting from the Times: letter on the Army Estimates.

18 Mar 1905
CHAR 2/21/11

Cutting from the Manchester Courier: Unionist meeting at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester.

09 Feb 1907
CHAR 2/21/12

Cutting from The Friend [Orange River Colony, later Orange Free State, South Africa]: abandonment by the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association of its libel action against WSC.

09 Mar 1907
CHAR 2/21/13

Page from the Sunday Herald (Johannesburg): marked article on the role of Lord Selborne, High Commissioner of South Africa, in the dispute between WSC and the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association.

17 Mar 1907
CHAR 2/21/14-15

Cuttings from The Friend [Orange River Colony, later Orange Free State, South Africa]: resignation of Mr Hichens, the former Colonial Treasurer, supposedly over the national railway policy of the Transvaal and its implications for relations between the South African colonies.

18 Mar 1907
CHAR 2/21/16

Cutting from [The Friend] [Orange River Colony, later Orange Free State, South Africa]: criticism by General Christian de Wet of General Louis Botha's decision to attend the Colonial Conference.

[Mar 1907]
CHAR 2/21/17

Cutting from the Times: criticism of the campaign of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman and WSC for land reform.

09 Apr 1907
CHAR 2/21/18-19

Pages from the Transvaal Leader: proceedings of the annual Congress of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of South Africa in Pretoria, with marked passage on the detrimental effect of customs duties on white workers.

24 Apr 1907
CHAR 2/21/20

Cutting from the Times: letter from Henry Rider Haggard on land reform.

29 Apr 1907
CHAR 2/21/21

Cutting from the Times: letters from WSC and others on land reform.

02 May 1907
CHAR 2/21/22

Cutting from John Bull: cartoon on colonial affairs entitled "the ghost of Banquo (Joseph Chamberlain) at the feast", also featuring WSC and Sir Henry Campbell- Bannerman.

04 May 1907
CHAR 2/21/23

Cutting from the Times: speech by Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] to the Labour Co-partnership Association.

02 Dec 1908
CHAR 2/21/24

Cutting from the Westminster Gazette: policy on the Navy and Territorial Army and Tariff Reform.

29 Jan 1909