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CHAR 2/2 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/2/1

Letter from Walter Rose to WSC, asking him to support claim from Civil Service Senior Clerks for £5 annual increment, rather than £2 10s, also on pension rights annotated by WSC "keep for future reference".

22 Apr 1901
CHAR 2/2/2

Letter from Lord James of Hereford, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, to WSC, on appointment of Justices of the Peace in Oldham [Lancashire].

29 Jun 1901
CHAR 2/2/3

Letter from George Henry Smith to James Heath MP, on WSC's address to North Staffs Working Men's Unionist Association on 28 Nov.

24 Aug 1901
CHAR 2/2/4

Letter from Fitzroy Stewart, Conservative Central Office, to G.H. Smith, on WSC's address to North Staffordshire Working Men's Unionist Association.

05 Sep 1901
CHAR 2/2/5-7

Letter from Lord Hugh Cecil [later Lord Quickswood] to WSC, on speaking in House of Commons debate on Alfred Lynch, [Irish Nationalist MP for Galway, and Colonel of Irish Brigade serving with the Boers], also on possibility of "joining a Middle Party,when there is a Middle Party to join", and the possibility of WSC being offered a post in a Rosebery [Liberal] administration.

28 Dec 1901
CHAR 2/2/8-9

Letter from Herbert Vivian to WSC, on the possibility of joining the Unionist Party.

19 Feb 1902
CHAR 2/2/10

Letter from Sir Edward Hamilton, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, to WSC, congratulations on speech on finance in the House of Commons, advising him to pursue the subject of finance.

20 Apr 1902
CHAR 2/2/11

Letter from Lord Charles Beresford [later Lord Beresford] to WSC, asking him to be in the House of Commons to support his efforts to control waste and extravagance in the armed services.

17 Jun 1902
CHAR 2/2/12

Letter from George Townsend Warner to WSC, asking him to help to oppose extension of tramways in Harrow-on-the-Hill [Middlesex] [annotated by WSC, agreeing to help if the matter came before Parliament].

18 Jun 1902
CHAR 2/2/13

Letter from General Sir William Nicholson [later Lord Nicholson], War Office, to WSC, apologies for referring request for information on the South African War to the Secretary of State [St John Brodrick],"who does not like independent MP's to be better informed than himself.

04 Jul 1902
CHAR 2/2/14-15

Letter from Sgt James Goldie, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, to WSC, giving details of his service in the Regular and Territorial Armies, particularly in South Africa, stating his case for promotion to Squadron Sergeant Major.

17 Jul 1902
CHAR 2/2/16

Letter from George Wyndham, Chief Secretary for Ireland, to WSC, asking him to write and speak on Irish affairs, offering to provide information.

14 Sep 1902
CHAR 2/2/17

Letter from Lord Rosebery to WSC, on publication of speech by Sir Michael Hicks Beach, Lord St Aldwyn, on "Efficiency and Economy".

07 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/18-19

Letter from Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] to WSC, giving him access to correspondence with Lord Randolph Churchill, also acknowledging receipt of suggestion on the Public Accounts Committee and the Auditor General.

08 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/20

Letter from Lord Rosebery to WSC, advising him not to compromise his political career by premature action.

12 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/21

Letter from Robert Whittaker to WSC, asking him to see a Major Cotton about his dismissal from the Army.

14 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/22

Letter from Lord Lansdowne, Foreign Secretary, to WSC, on WSC's recommendation of Captain Bridges for service in Somaliland.

24 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/23

Letter from Harold Cox to WSC, congratulations on speech on free trade.

26 Oct 1902
CHAR 2/2/24

Letter from Lawrence Clarke Tipper to WSC, stating that Lord Randolph Churchill was a "Fair Trader" rather than a "Free Trader" at heart.

03 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/25

Letter from WSC to L.C. Tipper "The remarkable account which you give of your treatment of the confidences of the late Lord Randolph Churchill does not encourage me to embark upon a personal correspondence with you" [copy].

04 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/26-28

Letter from 2nd Lord Dudley to WSC, advising him not to become too extreme a "Free Trader", advocating the limited use of protective tariffs.

09 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/29

Letter from Ernest Fletcher to WSC on free trade and the question of protection for the Empire.

13 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/30-31

Letter from WSC to Ernest Fletcher, on free trade, rejecting the idea of protection for goods from the Empire copy in hand of A. Anning.

14 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/32

Letter from A. Johnson Galloway to WSC on meeting on Free Trade in Manchester.

14 Nov [1902]
CHAR 2/2/33

Letter from Lord Lansdowne, Foreign Secretary, to WSC, on his willingness to see him.

14 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/34

Letter from Sir Howard Vincent to WSC, setting out his opposition to free trade, suggesting that if WSC did not oppose free trade he would not be re-elected as a Conservative MP.

14 Nov 1902
CHAR 2/2/35

Letter from Lord Hugh Cecil [later Lord Quickswood] to WSC on the Lynch case.

30 Dec [1901]
CHAR 2/2/36-37

Letter from WSC to C.E.G. Webb, declining invitation to address meeting of Harrow Liberal Club, as it would not be proper for him to appear on a Liberal platform while serving as a Conservative MP [copy].