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CHAR 2/188 Public and political: correspondence and papers relating to monetary affairs.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/188/1

Pamphlet: "Currency and credit on a metallic basis: their effect on trade and on the commodity price level of the world" by H E Moon.

1 32p
CHAR 2/188/2

Letter from Walter Elliot (Treasury Chambers) to WSC disagreeing with the analysis of housing rents in CHAR 2/188/2.

1 folio
15 Jul 1932
CHAR 2/188/3-4

Letter from A S Darroch (97 Muswell Hill Road, [London]) to WSC arguing that the Conversion Scheme will lead to a fall in rents.

2 folios
09 Jul 1932
CHAR 2/188/5

Cutting from the "Times": article on the need for limited reflation.

1 folio
04 Nov [1932]
CHAR 2/188/6-25

Address on the monetary problem given by Sir Henry Strakosch at a dinner given by 2nd Lord Leverhulme [earlier William Lever], Lord Queenborough [earlier Almeric Paget] and 2nd Lord Melchett [earlier Henry Mond].

20 folios
28 Nov 1932
CHAR 2/188/26

Letter from Sir Frederick Leith-Ross (Treasury Chambers) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/188/27.

1 folio
29 Nov 1932
CHAR 2/188/27

Report on the work of the preparatory committee for the world economic conference. Sent with CHAR 2/188/26.

1 21,[1]p
Nov 1932
CHAR 2/188/28-30

Letter from Sir Henry Strakosch (Princes House, 95 Gresham Street, London) to WSC enclosing and commenting on CHAR 2/188/31 and 33.

3 folios
08 Dec 1932
CHAR 2/188/31

Graph showing the fluctuations of monetary gold reserves and wholesale prices. Sent with CHAR 2/188/28-30.

1 folio
1925 - 1932
CHAR 2/188/32

Graph showing the total defence expenditure of various countries expressed as a percentage of the expenditure in 1925/6.

1 folio
1925 - 1932
CHAR 2/188/33

Graph of the weekly index of exchange and prices bases on figures published by the "Financial Times". Sent with CHAR 2/188/28-30.

1 folio
1931 - 1932