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CHAR 2/178 Public and political: papers relating to currency policy.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/178/1-2

Notes by 1st Lord D'Abernon [earlier Sir Edgar Vincent] on the need to restore stability to the price of gold and currency.

2 folios
23 Nov 1931
CHAR 2/178/3

Graph showing fluctuations in the world and Rand production of gold between 1890 and 1930.

1 folio
CHAR 2/178/4

Graph showing fluctuations in gold and commodity prices between 1922 and 1931.

1 folio
CHAR 2/178/5-7

Notes on sugar and tea prices, world gold reserves, income tax and bank deposits.

3 folios
CHAR 2/178/8

Letter from Sir Henry Strakosch (Princes House, 95 Gresham Street, London) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/178/9.

1 folio
24 Jun 1931
CHAR 2/178/9

Supplement to the "Economist": "Gold and the price level: a memorandum on the economic consequences of changes in the value of gold" by Sir Henry Strakosch.

1 11,[1]p
05 Jul 1930
CHAR 2/178/10-11

Letter from Sir Henry Strakosch (Princes House, 95 Gresham Street, London) to WSC on the increase in the stocks of monetary gold held by the United States and France.

2 folios
09 Sep 1931
CHAR 2/178/12-13

Letter from Sir Henry Strakosch (Princes House, 95 Gresham Street, London) to WSC returning CHAR 2/178/14-16 and arguing that Britain should not adopt a silver standard but should press for the regulation of the gold standard by an international agreement which will safeguard the stability of the common standard of value.

2 folios
30 Sep 1931
CHAR 2/178/14-16

Letter from Charles Davis (Moidart, Limpsfield, Surrey) to WSC arguing that if the British Empire adopted a silver standard the value of silver in gold would appreciate and stabilise and the world could then adopt the dual standard.

3 folios
23 Sep 1931
CHAR 2/178/17

Letter from (Ludshott End, Grayshott, Hampshire) to WSC and asserting that Britain's excessive imports are the real cause of the weakness of sterling.

1 folio
12 Sep 1931
CHAR 2/178/18-21

Memorandum calling for the adoption of policies of economic reconstruction to unify the nation.

4 folios
31 Aug 1931
CHAR 2/178/22

Notes on the economic benefits of the construction of units for the distillation of oil from coal.

1 folio
CHAR 2/178/23-27

Memorandum advocating innovation and the application of scientific knowledge to agriculture and industry.

5 folios
16 Aug 1931
CHAR 2/178/28

Letter from the private secretary of Sir Henry Strakosch (Princes House, 95 Gresham Street, London) to Violet Pearman returning CHAR 2/178/29-36.

1 folio
10 Sep 1931
CHAR 2/178/29-36

Article by [WSC] analysing the current economic crisis in Britain and its accompanying political upheavals. Carbon typescript copy with annotations by WSC and Sir Henry Strakosch.

8 folios
[Sep] [1931]
CHAR 2/178/37

Edition of the "Financial News" containing articles on silver as a standard of value.

1 2,[24],2p
14 Dec 1931
CHAR 2/178/38

Treasury paper on Great Britain and the war debts.

1 36p
Nov 1931