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CHAR 2/173 Public and political: papers relating to the Safeguarding of industry.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/173/1-2

Empire Industries News Service no. 156: the cotton industry and safeguarding and imperial preference.

2 folios
23 Aug 1929
CHAR 2/173/3-4

Empire Industries News Service no. 164: the lesson of the sugar duties; sugar and the future of preference.

2 folios
01 Nov 1929
CHAR 2/173/5-6

Empire Industries News Service no. 166: progress of the safeguarded industries.

2 folios
15 Nov 1929
CHAR 2/173/7-8

Empire Industries News Service no. 167: the policy of the Empire Industries Association.

2 folios
22 Nov 1929
CHAR 2/173/9

Empire Industries News Service no. 169: safeguarding and employment.

1 folio
06 Dec 1929
CHAR 2/173/10-11

Empire Industries News Service no. 170: safeguarding and revenue: customs report; imperial preference and imports.

2 folios
13 Dec 1929
CHAR 2/173/12-13

Empire Industries News Service no. 162: coal and safeguarding; Manchester and the principles of Free Trade.

2 folios
11 Oct 1929
CHAR 2/173/14

Empire Industries News Service no. 172: Mr Snowden [Philip Snowden, later Lord Snowden] and safeguarding; the government, safeguarding and the Free Trade Union.

1 folio
03 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/15-16

Empire Industries News Service no. 173: wrought enamelled hollow-ware; motor tyres.

2 folios
10 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/17-18

Empire Industries News Service no. 174: sensational developments in the Liberal press: the "Nation and Athenaeum" and safeguarding.

2 folios
17 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/19

Empire Industries News Service no. 175: imports and exports of safeguarded and non safeguarded manufactures.

1 folio
24 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/20

Empire Industries News Service no. 181: trade in safeguarded goods; trade activity in silk, artificial silk and rubber.

1 folio
07 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/21-22

Empire Industries News Service no. 176: Professor J M Keynes [John Maynard Keynes, later Lord Keynes] and the McKenna duties; Manchester and safeguarding.

2 folios
31 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/23-24

Empire Industries News Service no. 177: the volume of British trade.

2 folios
07 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/25-26

Empire Industries News Service no. 178: the Empire Industries Association and Mr Baldwin's [Stanley Baldwin, later Lord Baldwin] policy; Lord Olivier [earlier Sir Sydney Olivier] and the sugar duties; the progress of safeguarding: artificial silk yarn and crude rubber.

2 folios
14 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/27-28

Empire Industries News Service no. 179: distribution of trade; safeguarding and employment.

2 folios
21 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/29-30

Empire Industries News Service no. 182: the "Daily News" and safeguarding; the balance of trade.

2 folios
14 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/31

Letter from Waldron Smithers to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/173/32-41.

1 folio
02 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/32-41

Memorandum [by a committee of Conservative MPs] indicating the practical objections to the scheme of Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Sir Max Aitken] for encouraging the movement of Free Trade within the Empire. Sent with CHAR 2/173/31.

10 folios
[Jan] [1930]
CHAR 2/173/42

Pamphlet issued by the Silk Association of Great Britain and Ireland on the silk and rayon duties.

1 folio
Nov 1929
CHAR 2/173/43-46

Letter from Sir Thomas Taylor (Thomas Taylor &Co, Manchester) on the beneficial effects of the silk and artificial silk duties on the trade in Britain.

4 folios
24 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/47

Notes on production and wages in [? the silk industry].

1 folio
[Feb] [1930]
CHAR 2/173/48-51

Letter from A B Ball, secretary of the Silk Association of Great Britain and Ireland Incorporated (19 Russell Square, London) to WSC on the bad effects on the silk duty on the abolition of the silk duties.

4 folios
26 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/52

Cutting from the "Times": speech by J H Toulmin, chairman of Leyland Motors Ltd asserting that the withdrawal of the McKenna Duties would have a bad effect on the British motor industry.

1 folio
28 Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/53

Pamphlet: "The key to Empire trade" by Harold Pooley, director of the British Empire Producers' Organisation.

1 [2],19,[1]p
Oct 1929
CHAR 2/173/54

Leaflet [issued by the Federation of Lace and Embroidery Employers] urging lace workers to campaign against the repeal of the safeguarding duty on imported lace.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/55

Extract from a speech at Pretoria [South Africa] by Sir Robert Greig on the importance of agriculture.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/56

Reprint from the "Farmer and stockbreeder and agricultural gazette": article by G Holt-Thomas "explaining to the electors in urban districts that a tax on food imports would not result in dearer living.".

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/57

Pamphlet issued by the Empire Industries Association: "The real cure . . . the complete case for safeguarding British industries" by Brigadier-General Sir Henry Page Croft.

1 55,[1]p
CHAR 2/173/58

Reprint from the "National Review": "The triumph of safeguarding" by Sir Henry Page Croft.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/59

Reprint from the "Devon and Somerset News": interview with John Heathcoat-Amory [a director of John Heathcoat &Co, lace manufacturers of Tiverton, Devon] on the damage to the industry which would follow the removal of the Silk Duties and the Safeguarding Duty.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/60-66

Letter from S H Sagar (Carrington and Dewhurst Ltd, manufacturers, Grove Mills, Eccleston, Near Chorley [Lancashire] to Mr Hacking on the bad effect on his firm of the threatened withdrawal of the Artificial Silk Duties.

7 folios
10 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/67

Extract from a speech by Ernest Walker, managing director of Wolsey Ltd, hosiery firm, arguing that Safeguarding has been beneficial for the hosiery trade.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/68

Cutting from the "Daily Telegraph": report on a letter from Sir Herbert Austin to Sir Henry Page Croft on the beneficial effects on the Austin Motor Company of the safeguarding afforded by the McKenna duties.

1 folio
21 Aug 1928
CHAR 2/173/69

Statement of the progress made by the Austin Motor Company due to Safeguarding and the Conservatives' support for the measure.

1 folio
Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/70-88

"Hints for speakers" on "Socialists and safeguarding". Issued by the Conservative and Unionist Central Office.

19 folios
06 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/89

Supplement to the "Ministry of Labour Gazette" containing graphs illustrating labour statistics.

1 folio
Feb 1930
CHAR 2/173/90

Note: "for Ascott Wing".

1 folio
08 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/91-92

Circular letter from W H Leslie Pinkham, honorary secretary of the National Association of Fabric Glove Manufacturers of Great Britain, on the threat to the industry posed by the possible withdrawal of the Safeguarding Duties.

2 folios
03 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/93-97

Letter and statement from J H Wilson (Lord Privy Seal's Office) to WSC giving an analysis of recent unemployment figures in the cotton industry and other trades.

5 folios
01 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/98

Note referring to CHAR 2/173/99-100.

2 folios
CHAR 2/173/99-100

Summary of a statement on the bad effect on Morris Motors Ltd of the temporary repeal of the McKenna Duties in 1924.

2 folios
c 1928
CHAR 2/173/101

Note referring to CHAR 2/173/102-132.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/102-132

"Hints for speakers" on "Socialists and Safeguarding". Issued by the Conservative and Unionist Central Office.

31 folios
16 Jan 1930
CHAR 2/173/133

Note referring to CHAR 2/173/134.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/134

Conservative Party handbill on the benefits to industry of the Safeguarding, McKenna and Silk duties.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/135

Note referring to CHAR 2/173/136-143.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/136-143

"Safeguarding and prices. Liberal lies answered." Published by the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations.

8 folios
CHAR 2/173/144

"Safeguarding has not raised prices (official)". Handbill published by the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations quoting from Board of Trade reports on various industries.

1 folio
May 1929
CHAR 2/173/145

Note referring to CHAR 2/173/146-163.

1 folio
CHAR 2/173/146-163

Memorandum stating the case for the Safeguarding of industries. Contains detailed statistics and statements by industrialists and politicians.

18 folios
Dec 1929
CHAR 2/173/164-165

Circular letter from W O Burrows, assistant secretary of the Federation of Lace and Embroidery Employers' Associations, enclosing and commenting on CHAR 2/173/166-167 and describing the damage which the British lace industry would suffer if the United States government increased its customs duty on lace imports.

2 folios
08 Apr 1930
CHAR 2/173/166-167

Petition to James Ramsay MacDonald from employers and workers in the lace and embroidery trades of Nottingham and district praying for a continuation of the safeguarding duties. Sent with CHAR 2/173/164-165.

2 folios
[Apr] [1930]
CHAR 2/173/168

Comments by WSC on the report of the committee appointed by James Ramsay MacDonald in July 1924 to examine the case for the Safeguarding Duties.

1 folio
13 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/169

Newspaper cutting: sympathetic report of the activities of the United Empire Party, which is opposing the Free Trade doctrines of the Labour and Liberal parties.

1 folio
[Mar] [1930]
CHAR 2/173/170

Newspaper cutting: report of moves towards an alliance between the Liberal and Labour parties and the removal of the left-wing group from the Labour Party.

1 folio
[Mar] [1930]
CHAR 2/173/171

Cutting from the "Sunday Dispatch": editorial arguing that the Conservative Party should drop the idea of a referendum on food taxes, that WSC is getting cold feet about the adoption by Stanley Baldwin [later Lord Baldwin] of the programme of Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Sir Max Aitken], and that a policy of food taxes would give the Conservative Party the appearance of sincerity which it has lacked for the last few years.

1 folio
30 Mar 1930
CHAR 2/173/172

Note referring to a document showing that certain trades and employment have been impaired by the attitude of the government.

1 folio