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CHAR 2/17 Public and Political: General: Correspondence.

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CHAR 2/17/1-2

Letter from H G Spicer, member of the executive of the Liberal Association of the South St Pancras division (19 New Bridge Street, London), to WSC (105 Mount Street) suggesting that John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone] might successfully stand for the Liberals in the constituency at the General Election and mentioning Spicer's connection with the Whitefield's Mission, a large and powerful organisation in the constituency. Reminds WSC of his appointment to address the Men's Meeting and mentions that Welldon is to do the same the following week. Signed typescript Originally enclosed in CHAR 2/17/3-4 having been sent by WSC to John Seely.

28 Mar 1904
CHAR 2/17/3-4

Letter from John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone] (Totland Bay Hotel, Isle of Wight) to WSC, discussing the possibility of Seely's standing as a candidate for Sheffield [Yorkshire] or South St Pancras [London], attacking the Tories who walked out on WSC when he began to speak in the adjournment debate in the House of Commons on 29 March and describing anti-Tory placards displayed on the Isle of Wight. Mentions an outbreak of scarlet fever at Brooke village.

01 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/5

Letter from J H Peet (The Ridges, Farnborough, Hampshire) to WSC referring to Peet's earlier letter about the debt owing to him by Captain Christie and expressing his determination to expose the system whereby "the Heads of H.M. Army" condone such debts.

02 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/6

Letter from Ivor Guest [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, 1st viscount)] (Bedford House, Kings Road, Brighton, [Sussex]; notepaper: Ashby St Ledgers, Rugby, [Warwickshire]) to WSC mentioning that he has seen the ?South Wales Daily News reporter and that he is to go to Cardiff for an informal meeting with the Liberal executive. Condemns the Tories' treatment of WSC over the Protection issue and the "nauseating" personalisation of politics but praises Lord Hugh Cecil's [later Lord Quickswood] defence of WSC.

02 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/7

Letter from Thomas Garnett (Radeclyffe, Clitheroe, [Lancashire]) to WSC asking whether he proposes a Liberal, a combined Liberal and Tory, or a Free Trade League nomination as a Free Trade candidate.

03 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/8-11

Letter from Thomas Garnett (Radeclyffe, Clitheroe, [Lancashire]) to WSC describing the difficulties which would arise if the Free Trade League were to officially nominate WSC to contest North-West Manchester.

05 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/12-14

Letter from Thomas Garnett (Radeclyffe, Clitheroe, [Lancashire]) to WSC assuring him of the help of the Free Trade League should his challenge to contest Oldham [Lancashire] be accepted, referring to the risk that the Manchester Tories might attempt to "dish" WSC and suggesting that WSC have an independent nomination with the League adopting the same attitude as that of the official Liberals.

06 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/15-17

Letter from Thomas Garnett (Radeclyffe, Clitheroe, [Lancashire]) to WSC (Blenheim Palace) stating that the local consensus is that the Free Trade League cannot officially nominate WSC to North-West Manchester but that steps will be taken to secure his nomination by the official Liberals as a "Free Trader, pure and simple" with the League giving him its full support.

08 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/18

Letter from A George Bennett (28 High Oldham Street, Lower Broughton, Manchester) to WSC praising his political conduct and expressing disgust at the Tories' treatment of him during the adjournment debate in the House of Commons on 29 March. Annotated by WSC: "answered by me".

08 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/19

Letter from Albert Hobson (Junior Constitutional Club, Piccadilly, [London]) to WSC regretting WSC's decision not to stand for Sheffield [Yorkshire] and stating his own intention to consult Liberal leaders in Sheffield about WSC's suggestion that John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone] should be approached. Hopes the 8th Duke of Devonshire will address a meeting in Sheffield.

11 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/20

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] giving Balfour's illness as the reason for his not having already published their correspondence and seeking his permission to do so now in order that Balfour's "clever &amusing contribution should not be lost to the public eye." MS copy in WSC's hand. Annotated by WSC: "not to go".

12 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/21

Letter from Sir Michael Hicks Beach [later Lord St Aldwyn] (House of Commons Library) to WSC explaining that he is retiring from the House of Commons because he believes that his party will be a Protectionist one after the next General Election. Advises that for parliamentary success it is essential to adhere exclusively either to Tory or to Radical ideas and not to mix the two.

12 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/22

Letter from 4th Lord Salisbury (20 Arlington Street, [London]) to WSC affirming his approval of the government but criticising "the uncertainty of its arrangements" (as illustrated by the postponement of a forthcoming cabinet meeting) and explaining that as he is unable to vote against them in the Commons all he can do is "denounce Jack Sandars". Asks to postpone a meeting with WSC and humorously asserts his support for Free Trade.

12 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/23-24

Letter from Thomas Garnett (Radeclyffe, Clitheroe, [Lancashire]) to WSC outlining the arrangements for WSC's meeting with a deputation from the North-West Manchester constituency.

12 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/25

Letter from J Moore Bayley (47 Temple Row, Birmingham) to WSC wishing him good luck in the North-West Manchester contest and regretting Lionel Holland's small chance of victory in Edgbaston [Birmingham]. On the contemporary filing slip this letter is wrongly dated 14 April.

19 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/26-28

Letter from Albert J Hobson (Thomas Turner &Co, Suffolk Works, Sheffield, [Yorkshire]) to WSC (105 Mount Street) pointing out the disadvantages of WSC's standing for North- West Manchester and urging him to stand for the Central Division of Sheffield instead.

15 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/29

Letter from Sir Alexander Acland-Hood [later 1st Lord St Audries] (12 Downing Street) to WSC stating that he has not repeated to the press his conversation with WSC on 29 March, neither has he commented on WSC's correspondence with the Prime Minister, [Arthur Balfour, later Lord Balfour], which he thinks WSC was wise not to publish.

12 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/30

Letter from Professor Goldwin Smith (The Grange, Toronto, [Canada]) to WSC enclosing a cutting on Free Trade from the Winnipeg Tribune [not present] and stating that he has yet to see an expression of definite support for Joseph Chamberlain's policy in any major journal in Canada or in the Canadian parliament. Refutes Chamberlain's assertion that only preferential duties could prevent the colonies severing themselves from the mother country and attributes the agitation to Chamberlain's desire to attract attention away from the results of his South African policy.

16 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/31-32

Letter from Douglas M Gane (456 Great St Helen's, [London]) to WSC asserting that in view of the growth of French power on the Atlantic coast of Morocco Britain should have safeguarded her communications with Cape Colony [South Africa] by obtaining the right to use the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife [Canary Islands], which could have been done by including Spain in the recent Anglo-French agreement.

16 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/33

Letter from Henry J Southall, solicitor (20 Etnam Street, Leominster, [Herefordshire]), to WSC paying tribute to Lord Randolph Churchill and praising WSC's recent speeches on the fiscal question. Sees WSC as having the necessary qualities to become leader of the Liberal Party.

19 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/34

Letter from William Clegg (Hotel Great Central, London) to WSC expressing disappointment at WSC's decision not to stand for Central Sheffield [Yorkshire] and asserting that North-West Manchester will be a more difficult seat to win.

19 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/35

Letter from William Clegg (Whirlow Green, Sheffield, [Yorkshire]) to WSC referring to a paragraph in the Daily Express in which doubt was cast on WSC's ability to obtain the complete support of the North-West Manchester Liberals and reminding him of the continued availability of Central Sheffield [Yorkshire]. Reports the hostile reception given to Sir Howard Vincent in that constituency and his uncomplimentary remarks about WSC.

22 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/36-37

Letter from F H Lambert, vice president of the Cardiff Free Trade League and the Penarth Free Trade League (West House, Penarth, [Glamorgan], Wales), to WSC commiserating with him on his lapse of memory in the House of Commons on the previous night [whilst speaking in the debate on the Trade Union and Trade Disputes Bill] and deploring the general ignorance about Free Trade in his (Lambert's) locality. This situation will be remedied only by Joseph Chamberlain's specific determination to tax food, rather than by an understanding of the general demerits of Protection. Invites WSC to follow Reginald McKenna and Lord George Hamilton in accepting his hospitality and criticises the two parliamentary candidates for South Glamorgan.

23 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/38-40

Letter from Walter T Williams, an honorary secretary of the Cardiff and District Free Trade League (17 Working Street, Cardiff, [Wales]), to WSC reporting the hostility of the local Labour Party and Trades Council to the candidature in Cardiff of Ivor Guest [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, 1st viscount)] and asking WSC to help to win them over by sharing a platform with Guest at a Free Trade meeting. Signed and annotated typescript.

23 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/41

Letter from Sidney Low (2 Durham Place, Chelsea, [London]) to WSC congratulating him on his recent policy letter to the North-West Manchester Liberals.

23 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/42

Letter from Ivor Guest [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, 1st viscount)] (3 Savile Row, [London]) to WSC stating that although Liberal sources claim that the Trades Council in Cardiff [Wales] has exaggerated its own electoral strength, he believes that they could still wreck his campaign and a meeting is therefore to be held to conciliate them. Disclaims responsibility for the alleged employment of foreign labour at the Dowlais Works. Should he fail to obtain the unanimous nomination of the local Liberal Association he will not press his candidature.

26 Apr 1904
CHAR 2/17/43

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to 6th Lord Londonderry referring to the conditions of WSC's candidature for North- West Manchester and explaining that he has not yet resigned from the Carlton Club because he has not formally joined the Liberal Party. However, in view of his general opposition to the government he asks Londonderry, as a member of the club's committee, to use his discretion as to whether WSC should remain a member. MS copy in WSC's hand.

02 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/44

Letter from 6th Lord Londonderry (Londonderry House, Park Lane, [London]) to WSC stating that he wishes to consult "one or two well known &fair minded men of the Party" before advising WSC about his membership of the Carlton Club.

03 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/45

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to David Thomas expressing surprise at Thomas's opposition to the candature of Ivor Guest's [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, 1st viscount)] for Cardiff [Wales] in view of the fact that Guest is more "advanced" in his views than WSC, to whom Thomas has pledged his full support. Urges Thomas to put aside personal considerations and support Guest for the sake of the cause of Free Trade. MS copy in WSC's hand.

[04 May 1904]
CHAR 2/17/46

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to Percy Lawrence approving the influence of debating societies such as the one of which Lawrence is a member: "People are nowadays far too much inclined to think about football and far too little inclined to think about social and political questions." MS copy in the hand of Annette Anning.

04 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/47

Letter from David Thomas (House of Commons) to WSC explaining that his support for WSC's possible candidature for Cardiff [Wales] was based on the belief that WSC was prepared to come fully over to the Liberal side, but Thomas has been disappointed by WSC's attitude to such issues as Irish Home Rule, disestablishment of the English Church, and reform of the House of Lords. Neither is Ivor Guest [later Lord Ashby St Ledgers and Lord Wimborne (2nd baron, 1st viscount)] radical enough for Cardiff, and those who voted for his adoption were not representative of local Liberal and Labour opinion. Cardiff is heavily dependent on Free Trade and is a safe Liberal seat which should not be entrusted to "one who might at a critical moment prove a source of weakness rather than of strength.".

05 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/48

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Kincaid-Smith (48 Westminster Palace Gardens, Victoria Street, [London]) to WSC requesting advice about addressing a meeting of delegates at Stratford-on-Avon [Warwickshire] and reporting that although "Ronald" [?Kincaid-Smith] is "a bit prejudicial" he has made a bargain with him.

06 May [1904]
CHAR 2/17/49

Letter from Ernest Villiers (22 Adelaide Crescent, Brighton, [Sussex]) to WSC inviting him to address a meeting at Hove Town Hall in reply to a forthcoming speech in Birmingham by Joseph Chamberlain.

09 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/50

Letter from Henry Massingham (34 Grosvenor Road, Westminster, [London]) to WSC an mentioning article on Liberal land policy in the Contemporary Review and recommending that WSC meet Mr Outhwaite, former editor of the labour newspaper in Johannesburg, who can give him important information about South Africa.

10 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/51

Letter from Walter Isaac, honorary secretary of the organising committee of the Cobden Centenary Celebration organised by the Cobden Club and the North London Liberal Educational Council, (314 Caledonian Road, [London]), to WSC requesting a photograph of WSC to include in the event's souvenir programme.

12 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/52

Letter from J Last (Curriers Lane, Princess Street, Ipswich, [Suffolk]) to WSC thanking him, as a working man, for his efforts in favour of "free food" and attacking Joseph Chamberlain's policies and rich capitalists who underpay their workers. Asserts that the inability of working-class people to afford decent food is the reason for the large number of undersized recruits rejected by the military authorities.

12 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/53

Letter from G W Keeble (Peterborough) to WSC congratulating him on a recent speech and comparing him to William Gladstone. Hopes he will unmask "the Birmingham imposter" [Joseph Chamberlain]. Annotated in shorthand.

15 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/54

Letter from Ernest P Ray, honorary secretary of the Young Britons Society (90 Putney Road, Handsworth, Birmingham), to WSC outlining the proposed activities of the society, which has been established "to resuscitate Liberalism amongst the Birmingham young men" and asking WSC to become a vice president. Signed typescript. Annotated in shorthand.

16 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/55

Letter from G H Perris, secretary of the Cobden Club (28 Victoria Street, London) to WSC asking whether he approves of the enclosed resolution [see CHAR 2/17/56] recommended to meetings held to celebrate the centenary of Richard Cobden's birth. Signed typescript. Annotated in shorthand.

17 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/56

Resolution in favour of "Free Trade, Peace, Retrenchment and Reform" recommended by the committee of the Cobden Club to meetings held to celebrate the centenary of Richard Cobden's birth. Sent with CHAR 2/17/55 Typescript.

[17 May 1904]
CHAR 2/17/57

Letter from Max Hecht (35 Belsize Park Gardens [London]) to WSC congratulating him on his speech on the Finance Bill in the House of Commons on the previous night.

17 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/58

Cutting from the Wolverhampton Express and Star: letter from "A.S." quoting passages favourable to imperial preference from a speech given by WSC at Wednesbury [Staffordshire] in 1901 and accusing him of inconsistency. See also CHAR 2/17/59.

17 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/59

Letter from George E Johnson, secretary and registration agent of the West Wolverhampton Conservative Association, (33 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, [Staffordshire]) to WSC asking him to explain why his views on trade have changed since his speech at Wednesbury [Staffordshire] in 1901 in favour of imperial preference. Newspaper cutting affixed. See also CHAR 2/17/58 above.

19 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/60

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to George Johnson [secretary and registration agent of the West Wolverhampton Conservataive Association] explaining that after approaching the trade question with an open mind he had concluded by the autumn of 1902 that Protectionism was unsound. MS draft in WSC's hand. Annotated: "keep, I have sent answer".

19 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/61

Letter from John Morley [later Lord Morley] (Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, [London]) to WSC referring to a "very provoking" matter and promising to "get at" a certain MP "of a singularly obdurate temper" when the House next meets.

21 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/62

Letter from Sir Charles Dilke (Speech House, Coleford, Gloucestershire) to WSC discussing census figures relating to the business of the Royal Commission on Alien Immigration.

28 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/63

Letter from Sir Charles Dilke (George Hotel, Newent, [Gloucestershire]) to WSC referring to his (Dilke's) earlier letter sent from Speech House and mentioning that he has returned WSC's "excellent" letter.

CHAR 2/17/64

Letter from Herbert Vivian (Blenheim Club, 12 St James's Square, [London]) mentioning that since the Observer is still in the hands of Jews WSC's recent pronouncement on the alien question will be well received in that quarter. Vivian is taking an anti-immigration stance in his campaign in Deptford [London] but he offers to moderate his tone should WSC wish it. Discusses plan to win over "young Evelyn" [John Evelyn the son of William Evelyn, MP for Deptford, 1885-88] and asks whether Hubert Carr-Gomm, who has been invited to Vivian's forthcoming campaign meeting, is still friendly to WSC.

31 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/65

Letter from F W Soutter (Free Trade Union, 102 Spa Road, London) to WSC praising his recently published letter on the Aliens Bill and complaining that Joseph Chamberlain's attack on "foreigners" has been taken up by some who attend Free Trade Union meetings. Asks for clarification of an apparent discrepancy between figures quoted by WSC and by Stuart Samuel. Annotated in shorthand.

01 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/66

Letter from T Paynter Allen, secretary of the Marriage Law Reform Association (2 Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, [London]) to WSC claiming overwhelming support for the Deceased Wife's Sister Bill and offering to submit the present draft of the bill to WSC and the Solicitor-General "with a view to any possible common understanding as regards its details." Annotated in shorthand.

20 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/67

Letter from Edwin Montagu (12 Kensington Palace Gardens, [London]) to WSC asking him to address a political meeting in Cambridge and wondering how [?] feels after Leo Maxse's comments on his political prospects in the National Review.

02 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/68

Letter from William T Stead, editor of the Review of Reviews (Mowbray House, Norfolk Street, Strand, London), to WSC requesting an interview. Signed typescript.

02 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/69

Letter from W J Piper, editorial director of the Derby Daily Telegraph (39 Corn Market, Derby), to WSC asking him to address an anti-government meeting in Derby organised by the local Liberal Association and describing the political situation in the town. Annotated in shorthand.

02 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/70

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to [?the Free Trade Union] on Indian exports of indigo and the need for a revision of the patent laws. MS copy in the hand of Annette Anning.

03 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/71

Letter from Edward Leighton Buckwell (Newington Vicarage, Folkestone, [Kent]) to WSC stating that he has cited WSC as a referee in support of his application for a post in the colonial police force.

03 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/72-73

Letter from William Robinson (154 New Hall Lane, Preston, [Lancashire]) to WSC (House of Commons) describing how he was forced out of his editorial posts at the Preston Herald and the Darwen Gazette by local Tory leaders, who objected to his support of Free Trade, and soliciting WSC's help in securing a post with a liberal paper. Annotated by WSC: "I will dictate a reply".

04 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/74

Letter from J W Compston (Sunnyside, Beech Range, Levenshulme, [Manchester]) to WSC praising his recent speech in the Free Trade Hall and requesting advice on obtaining a copy WSC's letter from prison in South Africa. Annotated in shorthand.

05 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/75

Letter from R F Ware, agent for the Crewe Division Constitutional Association (21 Brooklyn Street, Crewe, [Cheshire] to WSC complaining that the candidate for whom he is agent has styled himself simply as a "Tariff Reform Candidate" and has therefore no chance of winning. Ware therefore seeks WSC's help in obtaining the agency of the North Lonsdale Division of Lancashire.

06 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/76

Letter from 3rd Lord Carrington [later Lord Lincolnshire] (50 Grosvenor Street, [London]) to WSC congratulating him on his speech at the Cobden Centenary demonstration at Alexandra Palace and, reporting that Mr Robbie, the Solicitor General of Tasmania [Australia], was also pleased with it.

06 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/77

Letter from Dr Louis Elkind (4 Park Place, St James's, [London]) to WSC enclosing letter of introduction from Sir Michael Foster and requesting an interview. Annotated in shorthand.

08 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/78

Letter from Sir Michael Foster (Athenaeum Club, [London]) introducing Dr Louis Elkind. Sent with CHAR 2/17/77.

18 May 1904
CHAR 2/17/79

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to [?] announcing that his voting in the House orf Commons will be determined by the merits of each issue and by his belief that a general election should take place as soon as possible. Draft in WSC's hand.

09 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/80

Letter from Charles Prescott (42 Half Moon Street, [London]) to WSC asking him to support his Liberal candidature for the St Augustine's division of Kent with a speech at Deal. CHAR 2/17/81 12 June 1904 Letter from Francis William Fox (Reform Club, Pall Mall, [London]) to WSC enclosing a printed letter on the Licensing Bill sent by him to the Home Secretary [Aretas Akers-Douglas] [see CHAR 2/17/82] and asking whether WSC and others could not bring about a compromise between the liquor trade and the Temperance parties.

11 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/82

Letter from Francis William Fox (Reform Club, [London]) to Aretas Akers-Douglas (the Home Secretary) detailing the objections of the Temperance movement, churches and others to the Licensing Bill and suggesting amendments to it. Printed Originally sent with CHAR 2/17/82.

12 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/83

Letter from W W Simpson (c/o Turquand, Young &Co, 41 Coleman Street, [London]) to WSC asking for a loan to help meet the costs of a case being heard in the Court of Appeal. Annotated in shorthand.

12 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/84

Letter from Rosie Evans (c/o the Mayor of Lindley, Orange River Colony [later Orange Free State], South Africa) to WSC asking him to contribute with books or money towards the establishment of a library in Lindley in order to make the local people "proud of being merged into our grand Empire.".

12 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/85

Letter from Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (House of Commons) to WSC on the forthcoming vote and debate on colonial trade and the collapse of the government's proposals for reform of the army.

15 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/86

Letter from William Stead (editor of the Review of Reviews, Mowbray House, Norfolk Street, Strand, London) to WSC enclosing a proof of his article on WSC [not present] and asserting that WSC's opposition to Irish Home Rule is the only obstacle to his success. Signed typescript.

15 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/87-89

Letter from J Hirst Hollowell, secretary of the Northern Counties Education League (Castlemere, Rochdale, [Lancashire]) to WSC enclosing the prospectus of the League [not present], outlining its policies, and asking WSC to become a Vice President.

16 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/90

Letter from Sir William Holland (Temple Chambers, St James's Square, Manchester) to WSC describing a "ridiculous" poster on American cotton imports put up by the Tariff Reform League in Market Harborough, [Leicestershire].

16 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/91

Letter from J Moore Bayley (47 Temple Row, Birmingham) to WSC expressing the belief that Joseph Chamberlain "will get troublesome directly" and hoping that Lady Howe's illness is not too serious. Annotated in shorthand.

1 folio
18 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/92

Letter from Horace Plunkett (105 Mount Street, [London]) to WSC recommending him to read a chapter of his on Irish administration.

20 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/93

Letter from John S Higham, Liberal parliamentary candidate for Sowerby Bridge, [Yorkshire], to WSC thanking him for his letter of support but proposing an alteration to its wording to remove ambiguity which could be exploited by his political opponents. Annotated in shorthand.

24 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/94

Letter from Alderman James Southern (House of Commons) approving WSC's suggestion that certain correspondence be published.

24 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/95-96

Letter from Howard Dickinson, honorary secretary of the Dudley Horticultural Society (Dudley, Worcestershire) to WSC inviting him to open the Society's annual exhibition. Annotated in shorthand.

2 folios
25 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/97

Letter from WSC to Sydney Phillips, secretary of the Riverside Conservative Club, Cardiff [Wales], pointing out that he joined the Club by invitation and stating that he will not complain if the Club's actions confirm his contention that all those who oppose Protectionism will be driven out of the Conservative Party. Copy in the hand of Annette Anning. Annotated in shorthand.

27 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/98

Letter from R F Ware, organising secretary and registration agent of the North Lonsdale Unionist Association (2 Theatre Street, Ulverston, [Lancashire]) to WSC thanking him for help in obtaining his present post. Annotated in shorthand.

28 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/99

Letter from Alfred Stansfield (52 Moorhouse Place, Gibraltar, Pudsey, [Yorkshire]) to WSC complaining about the provision for compensation to licence-holders in the Licensing Bill.

29 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/100-102

Part of a letter from WSC (Blenheim Palace) to [James Southern] on the disfranchisement in local elections of limited liability companies and on other electoral reform issues. 2 drafts, one in the hand of Annette Anning, the other in the hand of WSC. For 2 more complete copies of this letter, see CHAR 2/17/105-109 below.

[Sep 1904]
CHAR 2/17/103

Letter from James W Southern (Beechwood, Marple, [Lancashire]) to WSC (House of Commons) complaining of the disfranchisement in local elections of limited liability companies.

21 Jun 1904
CHAR 2/17/104

Letter from James W Southern (Beechwood, Marple, [Lancashire]) to WSC discussing a letter on Protectionism and other matters and referring to imputations of insincerity [?against WSC].

18 Sep 1904
CHAR 2/17/105-109

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street and Blenheim Palace) to James Southern on the disfranchisement in local elections of limited liability companies and on other electoral reform issues. 2 drafts, both in the hand of Annette Anning, one copy sent to Sir George Herbert Murray.

23 Sep 1904
CHAR 2/17/110

Letter from Sydney H Phillips, secretary of the Riverside Conservative Club (56 Neville Street, Cardiff, [Wales]), to WSC (105 Mount Street) stating that WSC has been excluded from the club as a result of his oppostion to the government.

02 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/111

Letter from T Robinson, secretary of the London District Council of the Postmen's Federation (27 Portland Road, Notting Hill, [London]), to WSC on a convenient date for WSC to address a meeting on the effect of fiscal policy on the civil service. Annotated in shorthand.

04 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/112

Letter from Samuel Robinson, secretary of the Alien Immigration Bill Protest Committee (5 Gascoyne Street, Rusholme, Manchester), to WSC asking him to persuade John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone], Sir Charles Dilke, Charles Trevelyan, Walter Runciman [later 1st Lord Runciman] and George Harwood to attend the Committee's forthcoming demonstration in Heaton Park. Annotated in shorthand.

04 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/113

Letter from Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank, [later Lord Murray of Elibank] (Brooks's, St James's Street, London) to WSC praising his political conduct. Part pub. CV II, Part 1, p.351.

02 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/114

Letter from G S Pawle (Widford, Ware, Hertfordshire) to WSC criticising the absence of a time limit for compensation to brewers in the Licensing Bill. Annotated in shorthand.

03 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/115-116

Letter from Herbert Vivian (Granville House, Portman Square, [London]) to WSC discussing Vivian's character sketches of WSC and others to be published in the Pall Mall Gazette and requesting a seat in the House of Commons Strangers' Gallery for a supporter of his from Deptford.

06 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/117

Letter from Sophia Sturge (447 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham) to WSC asking him to speak on the Licensing Bill at a garden party in Harborne, a district of Edgbaston.

06 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/118

Letter from Charles Dreyfus, president of the Alien Immigration Bill Protest Committee (Claremont, Fallowfield, Manchester), to WSC thanking him for forcing the government to withdraw the Bill.

10 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/119

Letter from Herbert Vivian (Blenheim Club, 12 St James's Square, [London]) to WSC thanking him for agreeing to obtain a House of Commons ticket for one of his (Vivian's) supporters.

12 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/120

Letter from A Grimshaw Haywood (Rearsby, Blundellsands, [Lancashire]) to WSC enclosing a copy of a letter he has sent to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman together with a pamphlet made up of letters sent to the Manchester Guardian [not present]. Annotated in shorthand.

13 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/121

Letter from Edwin Montagu (12 Kensington Palace Gardens, London) to WSC on the arrangements for a forthcoming demonstration.

13 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/122

Letter from J W Walton, honorary secretary of the Wednesbury Institute, (Bank House, Wednesbury, [Staffordshire]) to WSC (105 Mount Street) enclosing the annual report of the Institute [not present] and asking WSC to nominate its next president. Annotated in shorthand.

16 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/123

Letter from John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone] (Villa Adria, Langenschwalbach, Germany) to WSC expressing the hope that WSC will not allow Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] to put off the colonial vote and approving WSC's resolution on the new scheme of army reform. Mentions his horse rides through the mountains of the area and the fact that the local people think he is a spy.

17 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/124-125

Letter from Alexander Murray, the Master of Elibank [later Lord Murray of Elibank] (House of Commons Library), to WSC asking him to address a Free Trade meeting at Peebles [Scotland] and noting the prevalence of Protectionism among the woollen manufacturers of the Border towns.

18 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/126

Letter from Rev D K Auchterlonie (Craigdam Manse, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, [Scotland]) to WSC expressing his joy "as an old Radical and Presbyterian minister", that WSC's concern for the poor has brought him onto the side of the Liberal Party.

21 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/127-128

Letter from 2nd Lord Tweedmouth (Guisachan, Beauly, [Inverness-shire, Scotland]) to WSC reporting the terminal illness of Fanny, Lady Tweedmouth [earlier Lady Fanny Churchill and Lady Fanny Marjoribanks] and discussing WSC's forthcoming meetings in Scotland and advising him, with reference to David Lloyd-George's proposed accommodation between the Liberals and the Unionist Free Traders, to "make your little party one of young Liberals" and to avoid excessive attacks on "our own molluscs on the front bench". Hopes WSC will be able to convert Sir Ernest Cassel, WSC's host in Switzerland, to "sounder fiscal views".

21 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/129

Letter from C R Roberts (Barkly East, Cape Colony, South Africa), "late Montmorency's Scouts", to WSC asking for financial assistance. Annotated: "sent £10".

21 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/130

Letter from J W Walton, honorary secretary of the Wednesbuy Institute (Bank House, Wednesbury [Staffordshire]), to WSC asking him to join Ian Malcolm in persuading Lord Curzon to accept the presidency of the Institute. Annotated in shorthand.

22 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/131-132

Letter from Colonel Thursby Dauncey (Woodfields, Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire), formerly of the 21st Lancers, to WSC giving a detailed account of his allegedly unfair dismissal from the command of the Inniskilling Dragoons (involving Robert Baden-Powell as Inspector-General of Cavalry) and asking him to take up his case in Parliament.

23 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/133-135

Letter from Robert H Fleming (Tyresson, Chryston, [Lanarkshire, Scotland]) to WSC asking for advice on how the Unionist Free Traders of North-East Lanark should vote in the forthcoming bye-election. Original letter and 2 typescript copies on 105 Mount Street notepaper.

26 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/136

Letter from T Paynter Allen, secretary of the Marriage Law Reform Association (2 Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey), to Councillor J Harrop of Manchester claiming overwhelming support for the Deceased Wife's Sister Bill among parliamentary candidates and asking about the view of "the Liberal candidate for North-West Manchester" [WSC].

26 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/137

List of Labour MPs who support the Deceased Wife's Sister Bill. Typescript annotated in the hand of T Paynter Allen: "84 out of 86 (no objector)".

[Jul 1904]
CHAR 2/17/138

Letter from Walter Davies (Tan Bank House, Wellington, Shropshire) to WSC recalling vehement attacks on Joseph Chamberlain made by Colonel Kenyon Slaney and contrasting them with Slaney's current views.

26 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/139-141

Letter from WSC (105 Mount Street) to Robert H Fleming advising the Unionist Free Traders of North-East Lanark [Scotland] to vote for Free Trade candidates even though they (the candidates) are also in favour of Irish Home Rule. 2 copies, one in the hand of WSC, the other in typescript.

27 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/142

Letter from Joseph Arnall, secretary of the Wednesbury Liberal Club (Church Street, Wednesbury, [Staffordshire]) to WSC thanking him for helping the Liberals during the election for the Oswestry division [of Shropshire].

28 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/143

Letter from John Belcher (Sunbury House, Queens Road, Clissold Park, [Stoke Newington, London]) to WSC congratulating him on his part in the Oswestry [Shropshire] election victory. Annotated in shorthand.

28 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/144

Letter from Colonel Thursby Dauncey (Woodfields, Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye, [Herefordshire]) to WSC re- iterating his complaint of unfair dismissal from the command of the Inniskilling Dragoons.

28 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/145

Letter from F G Stokes (6 Sandwell Mansions, West Hampstead, [London]) to WSC asking for advice in countering the Protectionist argument that the price of bread was not lowered by the abolition of the Corn Laws.

28 Jul 1904
CHAR 2/17/146

Letter from Professor W Davenport, secretary of the Educational Department of the Failsworth Industrial Society Ltd (Central Store, Dob Lane, Failsworth, [Lancashire]) to WSC asking him to attend the Department's annual meeting.

29 Jul 1904