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CHAR 2/163 Public and political: printed papers.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 2/163/1

WSC's record of votes in divisions in the House of Commons.

1 folio
CHAR 2/163/2

Note referring to CHAR 2/163/3-4.

1 folio
CHAR 2/163/3-4

Booklet attacking the records of the so-called moderate Socialists, James Ramsay Macdonald, J H Thomas, Philip Snowden [later Lord Snowden] and John Clynes.

1 7,[1]p
CHAR 2/163/5

Letter from G M McDermott (The Boswell Printing and Publishing Company Ltd, 10 Essex Street, Strand, London) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/163/6.

1 folio
24 Apr 1928
CHAR 2/163/6

Pamphlet: "Potted biographies: a dictionary of anti-national biography". Contains hostile biographies of leading Socialists. Sent with CHAR 2/163/5.

1 95,[1]p
CHAR 2/163/7-10

Statements on Conservative policy on the school leaving age before, during and after the general election.

4 folios
CHAR 2/163/11

Letter from Nigel de Grey, director and manager of the Medici Society (7 Grafton Street, London) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/163/12 and 14 and asking him to give his "frank opinion" of the work of the Society to be used in promotional work.

1 folio
22 Apr 1929
CHAR 2/163/12

Account of the work of the Medici Society between 1908 and 1929. Sent with CHAR 2/163/11.

1 folio
CHAR 2/163/13

Letter from WSC to Nigel de Grey (Medici Society) thanking him for prints of the old masters and praising their quality. Carbon typescript copy.

1 folio
24 Apr 1929
CHAR 2/163/14

Catalogue of the Medici Society. Sent with CHAR 2/163/11.

1 56p
24 Apr 1929