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CHAR 18/75 Official: Treasury: WSC's minutes.

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CHAR 18/75/72

Copy of a minute from WSC to Sir Ernest Gowers [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] on opposition amendments to the Finance Bill, seeking figures to show that the majority of the relief will go to the industries where profits are lowest and unemployment is highest.

Carbon typescript. Unsigned.

1 folio
29 May 1928
CHAR 18/75/134-137

Copy of a memorandum from WSC to Sir Richard Hopkins [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] instructing him to present WSC's view to the President of the Board of Trade [Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton] on the impact of the attitude of [Sir Otto] Niemeyer [Controller of Finance, Treasury] "of letting everything smash into bankruptcy and unemployment in order that reconstruction can be built up upon the ruins" He discusses forest holdings, emigration proposals, superconcentration, acceleration by railway companies, and continued economies by government departments.

Unsigned carbon typescript.

4 folios
22 Jul 1928
CHAR 18/75/167-173

Copy of a memorandum from WSC to Sir Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary] "and others concerned" on: the possibility of shortening the occupation of Germany if Germany makes improvements in payment of reparations; the economic impact of the early return of troops; disarmament and the need for France to retain a strong army to uphold the Locarno treaty; repayment of United States debt and the need to pass on costs to Germany; the need for the Treasury to adopt am attitude of "extreme reserve and vigilant criticism; and the results of the United States elections.

Carbon typescript. Unsigned.

7 folios
14 Sep 1928
CHAR 18/75/176-177

Copy of a minute from WSC to Sir Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary, Treasury] and Sir Richard Hopkins [Controller of Finance and Supply Services, Treasury] asking why he had not been consulted about spending £300,000 a year on improving the appearance of the bank note, which he views as an injustifiable extravagance contrary to the policy of reducing expenditure. He informs them that he intends to stop this expenditure in future and asks for information about Bank machinery and background files.

Carbon typescript.

1 folios
14 Sep 1928