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CHAR 18/30A-B Official: Treasury: WSC's minutes.

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CHAR 18/30A/16-23

Copy of a minute from WSC to Sir Richard Hopkins [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] asking his "Committee of Five" to consider a revolutionary scheme to separate corporate and investment income, treat earned income more favourably, and levy income and super tax on investment income by means of a national register. He ends by summarising the advantages of this scheme and discussing the establishment of the register.

Carbon typescript.

2 folios
7 Jan 1926
CHAR 18/30A/129-130

Copy of a minute from WSC to Sir Richard Hopkins [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] marked "absolutely secret" asking for Hopkins' scheme to spend £8-£10 million on giving relief to the reserves of companies, and discussing measures to give relief to the employers of labour.

Unsigned typescript.

7 Mar 1926
CHAR 18/30B/309-314

Memorandum from WSC to Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance, Treasury] seeking advice about the effect of a reduction or increase in income tax on gilt edged government stock, specifically the correspondence between the rise of the stock and reduction in tax; the impact on consumers of raised taxation; consumption as an indicator of prosperity; and National Debt. He concludes "To sum up, a reduction in taxation is the greatest economic service which a state can render to the population and the surest means of creating prosperity".

Unsigned carbon typescript.

6 folios
28 Oct 1926
CHAR 18/30B/188-191

Copy of a memorandum to Sir Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary, Treasury] and Sir Russell Scott [Controller] markled "secret" on the case of a Treasury clerk "Counter" who has sold government secrets to the press. He asks them to draft an announcement for the [Civil] Service and for information about the loss of official documents in the Treasury and the employment of "searchers" to locate them, suggesting the introduction of a docketing and minuting system; plus the use of locked boxes to ensure security.

Unsigned typescript.

4 folios
28 Mar 1926
CHAR 18/30B/172

Minute instructing Sir George Barstow to ascertain how much of the government subsidy for miners' wages had been spent on wages and how much was profit to the coal owners and to establish the "true financial position of the coal trade". Carbon typescript.

1 folio
20 Mar [1926]