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CHAR 13/59 Official: Admiralty: Actions of Coronel and Falklands Islands: loss of Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue; Dardanelles.

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 13/59/1

Admiralty War Staff report on the Naval Action off Coronel [printed Sept 1915].

1 pp.1-14
01 Nov 1914
CHAR 13/59/2-3

Minutes and paraphtases of Admiralty Telegrams relating to the Naval Actions off Coronel and the Falklands [priinted, 2 copies].

1 pp.1-21
Sep 1914 - Dec 1914
CHAR 13/59/4

Admiralty memorandum "Report on the Court of Enquiry into loss of the three Bacchante Class cruisers, "Aboukir" "Cressy" and "Hogue" on 22 Sep 1914 [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 pp.1-5
Oct 1915
CHAR 13/59/5-9

Printed fragments of Admiralty despatches on the Dardanelles.

5 folios
Jan 1915 - Apr 1915