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CHAR 13/58 Admiralty - Cabinet Papers (printed).

  Reference Description Date range  
CHAR 13/58/1

Memorandum by the Admiralty on the Naval Prize Fund, with note by the Treasury dated 15 Jan [printed].

1 folio
28 Jan 1915
CHAR 13/58/2

Report of Proceedings of HMS "Doris" off the Syrian Coast, 14-27 Dec 1914 [printed].

1 pp.1-14
08 Feb 1915
CHAR 13/58/3

Admiralty memorandum on German declaration that the English Channel, the north and west coasts of France and the waters round the British Isles were a "war zone" [printed].

1 folio
06 Feb 1915
CHAR 13/58/4

Admiralty memorandum Instructions for Masters of British Merchant Ships issued with reference to the Operations of German Submarines against British Shipping [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
Feb 1915
CHAR 13/58/5-6

Memorandum by the Director of the Trade Division, Admiralty, on supplies of wheat and meat, with covering note by WSC, circulating it to the Cabinet "While not accepting all of the propositions advanced...I consider that it deserves careful study" [printed].

2 folios
25 Jan 1915
CHAR 13/58/7-8

Table prepared by Sir Francis Hopwood (later Lord Southborough) Assistant Civil Lord, Admiralty, showing details of meat products exported from the United States to Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, with covering note by WSC [printed].

2 folios
13 Feb 1915
CHAR 13/58/9

Report by Commander Charles Samson on attack by pilots of the Naval Air Service on German submarines at Zebrugge [printed].

1 folio
22 Jan 1915
CHAR 13/58/10

Admiralty memorandum on ships intercepted by the 10th Cruiser Squadron (Cruiser Force B), 24 Dec 1914 to 24 Jan 1915 [printed].

1 folio
04 Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/11

Minute from Captain Clement Greatorex, Director of Naval Equipment, on the Labour Situation in Newcastle-upon-Tyne [printed].

1 folio
04 Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/12

Minute from Graeme Thomson, Director of Transports, Admiralty, to WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty, on Transport Difficulties [printed, Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
06 Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/13

Memorandum by F Leverton Harris, Adviser in Commerce to the Trade Division, Admiralty, on "Control of American Copper Imports" [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
03 Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/14

Admiralty memorandum - Information obtained from the survivors of the "Blucher" by Officers and men of HMS "King Edward VII", sunk in the Dogger Bank Action of 24 Jan [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
26 Jan 1915
CHAR 13/58/15

Admiralty memorandum - Report on the Present Position as regards Possible Zeppelin Attacks on London by Captain Murray Sueter, head of the Air Department, with covering note by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty [printed, Cabinet Paper].

1 pp.1-5
01 Jan 1915
CHAR 13/58/16

Admiralty memorandum - "Remarks by Admiral Air Arthur Wilson on G-11", the opinion expressed by the Defence Committee in 1903 that the Russian occupation of Constantinople [Istanbul], Turkey, would not fundamentally alter the strategic position in the Mediterranean [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 pp.1-3
Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/17

Memorandum by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty, on "unfavourable comment" on the alleged failure of the Admiralty to forsee the danger to which ships operating in the Dardanelles would be exposed from floating mines [printed, Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
24 Apr 1915
CHAR 13/58/18

Memorandum by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty, "The Naval Situation at Home" [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 pp.1-10
30 May 1915
CHAR 13/58/19

Admiralty Air Department memorandum on the Disposition of Aircraft [printed].

1 pp.1-8
30 May 1915
CHAR 13/58/20

Minute by WSC, commenting on Admiralty despatches on Antwerp Operations, Oct 1914 [printed].

1 folio
29 Sep 1915
CHAR 13/58/21

Admiralty memorandum "Report on the Court of Enquiry into loss of the three Bacchante Class cruisers, "Aboukir" "Cressy" and "Hogue" on 22 Sep 1914 [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 pp.1-5
Oct 1915
CHAR 13/58/22

Memorandum by WSC, First Lord of the Admiralty - "A Note on Blockade" [printed Cabinet Paper].

1 folio
05 Mar 1915
CHAR 13/58/23

Cabinet Paper - Antwerp Operations - October 1914 [printed Oct 1915].

1 pp. 1-27
Oct 1914