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CHAR 13/32 Official: Admiralty: Prints and papers on the loss of HMS Aboukir and the escape of the German cruiser Goeben.

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CHAR 13/32/1-2

Collected telegrams from the French Admiralty on the chances of the [German battle cruiser] Goeben escaping from the Dardanelles [Turkey] and also on suggested naval reinforcements. [Duplicate typescript].

2 folios
21 Nov 1914 - 25 Nov 1914
CHAR 13/32/3-4

Agreement between the Admiralty and the French Ministry of Marine on joint Anglo-French naval policy, particularly in the Mediterranean, for the destruction of the [German battle cruiser] Goeben and the [light cruiser] Breslau. [Duplicate typescript].

2 folios
06 Aug 1914
CHAR 13/32/5

Telegram from the French Naval Attache, London [Jean, Comte de Saint-Seine], to the French Ministry of Marine, stating that the Admiralty proposed to withdraw HMS Indefatigable from the Mediterranean when it was definitely known that the [German battle cruiser] Goeben was seriously damaged. [Carbon].

1 folio
25 Nov 1914
CHAR 13/32/6

Report of the Admiralty Court of Enquiry into the loss of HMS Aboukir, HMS Cressy and HMS Hogue on 22 September 1914: includes copies of minutes, signals and letters submitted to the enquiry and minutes of the court itself. [Printed proof].

5 pp. 1-10
18 Sep 1914 - 24 Oct 1914